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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

My Sony Reader is here!! Ooooh, it is so pretty. The leather cover is luscious. The screen is bigger, I think, than the 505. The only complaint I've heard people make about the 700 vs the 505 is that the 505's picture is more crisp, but I actually prefer the softer 700. The 505's background is a silver-grey, which is a bit harsh, while the 700's is a gold-grey. The letters aren't as crisp, yes, but they are perfectly legible. I'm so anxious to start loading books onto it! But I wanted to stop in here first and crow.

We had to kill a snake on Sunday. I'm still upset. But it was a copperhead heading across our driveway toward the house and dogs, so we had to do it. Thank God my belovedly nosy neighbors heard me telling Randi, "A snake! I think it's just a water sn... no, it's a copperhead." So they came running, and three of them killed the poor thing. I feel so bad, but jeez, it was 2-1/2 feet long, fully grown. Not what I want near my dogs and our stray cats.

Itso seems improved. Whew. Not cured yet! But a little better.

Now for funsies:

Got this from Auburn Red on my forum - Which Bond villian are you?

I got one I love:
ID confirmed: You are ALEC TREVELYAN

You and Bond are two of a kind, making you one of his most formidable foes. You know all his tricks – and his weaknesses. Your thirst for vengeance is matched only by your greed. Careful, 006: one of these might lead to your undoing...


I'm right there with ya on the snake incident, and I'm sorry you guys had to do that. :( I can't stand to kill anything, with or without cause! Lately, we've had a problem with yellow jackets coming into our kitchen... never more than one at a time, but they've been showing up nearly every day. I can't even stand to kill those mean little things. I catch them between a cup and a folder and let every one of them outside!

I'm glad Itso's getting better, slowly but surely!