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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I spent the day with Rurouni Kenshin today. Lovely way to spend the day. For some reason, I woke up thinking about Hiko and even Ryushi, which was also lovely... had a hard time getting out of bed. Then I sat down with my DVDs and watched all the episodes with Hiko in them. I fast-forwarded through a lot of non-Hiko parts, otherwise I could never have done them all in one day. Not all of the non-Hiko parts, though. I'd forgotten how dead-sexy Saitoh was, and there were many favorite scenes of mine which (really!) did not involve Hiko.

After I finished, I went to my PC and converted and loaded my RK fanfic onto my Reader - I'm thinking I'll read through the Hikaru stories and try to finish "Reunion". (Yes, Gale, I'm thinking of writing that scene.)

Even after all this time, when I sit down to RK, Hikaru watches it with me, pointing out all Kenshin's virtues to me with a motherly fondness which I do not possess normally - I mean, I admire the guy and even love him, but not in the same way Hikaru does. She also watches Hiko with me, so I get these little exasperated sounds or proud comments in the back of my mind. The woman really has taken on a life of her own, even if only in my head. I can watch and think of all the ways that she is not perfect, but heck, imperfection makes for more interesting writing. (Some of my favorite parts to write were Yuki's raging at Hiko, or, come to think of it, Hikaru doing the same.)

Anyway, it was otherwise not a great weekend. My roomie fell for the second time this week, and this time sprained her wrist. We haven't heard from the vet about Itso's blood work - we were expecting one report yesterday and one tomorrow. I was depressed for no real reason yesterday, so had to do all my chores today, but I'm cheerful enough today to have done it all and still enjoyed RK. Maybe having Z and G in chat last night helped a lot. (Steph, if you're reading this, we almost connected - I don't know what happened!)

I have found a way to stiffen the padded "case" I'm carrying my Reader in - I took a DVD case, cut it in half, and put it in the pocket which normally would hold the notebook in the case. It fits perfectly. (So if anyone is wondering about the size of my Reader, yeah, in its leather case it's smaller than a DVD.) I sacrificed the case belonging to Biography's show on Jane Austen, which totally sucked.

The Mickey contest is, as usual, interesting. I'm pondering another, new contest for movies that are little known, as big, popular movies (and all Disney movies, duh) tend to dominate the Mickey. After all, no one is going to vote for a movie or character they've never even seen! So, in the vein of "The Best Movie You Haven't Watched Yet", I'll be doing another contest for movies that have grossed less than $25M in the US. I'm thinking of calling it the Daffy, after Daffy Duck.


I know! I can list his faults, and he is NOT a nice guy, but still... he's appealing. He's sure fun to write.
Ryushi and Ki together. Even when it was bad, it was fun. LOL!
LOL! Nooo, I don't think so!!! Too much competitive spirit between them.
I'm honestly not sure how Ryushi would react - it would depend on how Ki behaved himself. As for the second thought, that did occur to me, but he's so sure of his dad's righteousness that it wouldn't occur to him unless Ki did something that reminded him of Saitoh.

Yes, eeeeeevil RP.... *g*
I would love to see it!!

And yes... that would change what we'd done before, to some extent. But yikes! Because Ryushi would do some research, and when he was sure, he'd confront his dad face-to-face. *ulp*
I read that, and it's terrific. I'll send you more comments later.

As for research, he'd just secretly check into Ki's and Moriko's backgrounds, see if the dates matched up to where he knew his dad was, subtly question his mom about if his dad ever seemed odd for a bit, etc. It would take a LOT for him to even think it, however, and more to make him follow it up. He respects and admires his father so much! That's why it was so hard for him to accept Ki.

Conflict. LOL!!!
After I finished, I went to my PC and converted and loaded my RK fanfic onto my Reader - I'm thinking I'll read through the Hikaru stories and try to finish "Reunion". (Yes, Gale, I'm thinking of writing that scene.)

Now that *ahem* I've gone back and found this post, I'll say that I'll certainly be looking forward to it after such a LONG wait! *laughs*

I'm hoping that I can do a re-watch and re-read of RK this summer. Ambitious, I know, but I'd probably only watch the stand-alones of the third season. -_-;;

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