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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Well, this has been a pretty bad weekend.

First, we got a notice that a warrant has been issued for my roomie's arrest. Apparently the woman at the courthouse lied to me - twice - about a letter being sufficient. So tomorrow I've got to try to get that straightened out.

Then it turned out that the problem with my PC was not the hard drive. After I went through all the trouble of getting it set up and had loaded some programs and started the gadjillion Windows upgrades, I went to bed, and this morning it wouldn't boot to Windows, not even from the Windows CD. My dad, who knows his stuff, says it's the motherboard, so I have to get a new PC. Bad news, and even worse news, I have no money and no credit. However, on the good side, my dad is letting me use money from my retirement stock-trade account, and he's building it for me. This makes me really happy, because I've always wanted one that he's built - they're much better than what I can get from Dell or Gateway or whatever. Still, until I get it, while I can use my roomie's laptop to get onto the Internet or to write, I can't use it to update AL, so who knows when I'll get to do another update? It'll be a big one. *wince*

The third thing, and really it's trivial but still upsetting, is that I didn't get to see the new Star Trek movie today like I planned. The theater's website said there was a show at 2, but when I got there, it was at 1:30, and I arrived at 1:35 with the anticipation of getting some food, since I hadn't yet had lunch. I really hate coming into a movie when it's already started, partly because it's rude to the other viewers, and partly because I am generally early to everything. The next show wasn't until 4, and I wasn't going to wait. I have far too many things to do around here to drive up there again, so I'll just go next weekend. But I'm so mad, if I had any other half-decent option for a place to go see it, I would.

I also can't work on my Aoiya battle story, as I don't have the software for that, either. (The new Office documents can't be opened by Office XP.) However, to salvage something out of my weekend, I am writing some other Hikaru stories instead - one when she was a little girl, and one (I hope) where she and Kenshin try to find new ground on which to exist together, now that he is no longer "her little boy" and she's finally seeing that. I won't be posting these, since I don't expect anyone to want to read them, but I would still like to have them written. :)


Oh, hell! Nothing like a pits weekend...

Is there anything I can do to help you out with AL? Do you need more moderators or anything? I don't know about HTML code, but I could probably resize images and such, too...
Thank you for the offer!! But I don't think that such a short delay - one or at most two updates skipped - would be worth all the effort that would take. I'll keep you in mind for the future, however, so you may be sorry you said that...
Ugh, I'm sorry your weekend was so crappy, Kat!! That *sucks* about your computer. I was really hoping you'd be able to get it to come back. But, yeah, you can only resuscitate them so many times, as I know all too well. Your dad is still awesome.

Doncha just love how Microsoft crap products aren't even compatible with themselves?! What's that about.

*HUGS* I hope things get better. And I hope they don't arrest Randi. Eep!

I was good and updated my journal, btw!