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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm finally posting the new RK stories! The rest under a cut to have mercy on my flist who aren't into RK.

I've posted these on Hikaru's page. I'll be putting two of them on fanfiction.net in a little while - the two concluding chapters of Reunion - but not the other two. I've revamped Hikaru's page considerably, removing anything that wasn't Hikaru and/or Hiko and/or Kenshin, and putting them in chronological order. Hikaru's page is at http://www.hikarikat.com/hikaru/index.html, and the story names are "Sacrifices", "No Child", and Reunion parts 6 and 7. Or, if you want the direct links:

Sacrifices - a story about Hikaru when she was about 6. I think it's a pretty sad story.

The Aoiya Battle (Reunion Part 6) ~ the Aoiya battle from Hikaru's point of view. This one, I think, despite the dangers, was kinda funny. But then, Hiko and Hikaru arguing is always fun for me to write.

Conversation ~ Hikaru and Kenshin coming to terms with their new relationship. Hikaru never subjects Kenshin to the temper she unleashes on Hiko (mostly because Kenshin, unlike Hiko, doesn't piss her off), but this was still a difficult scene for both of them. It's also my first real attempt at writing Sano.

No Child ~ Hikaru finally accepts that she will never have a child. Kinda bittersweet story, and revealed something about Hiko to me as I wrote it.

Then there's River God, but there's no way I'm posting that one! Although I almost did...


Hikaru was a LOT more lucky than Sojiro! She even got a decent okiya and a good "big sister". No horrors like poor Sojiro.

Hikaru was, if I remember rightly, 47 years old (and twice married) in that scene - she better have been more mature than Kita!

I think you should do more RK fics! I'm still just as fascinated by the anime as I ever was.
The finished versions of these stories are just beautiful! Just lovely. :)
I thought about that aspect of Ki while I was writing that, actually.

Only Hiko could make Hikaru sullen. *giggle*