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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Dragonfare.com got hacked. Now, why would anyone hack that?


Hey, Kat, this is Darc (Matt of Capn'Bells wife). I'm trying to catch a hold of as many people on the server as I can. I'm afraid the whole server got hacked. We caught it about 30 minutes in and now Matt's working on getting the basics like email and the sites back up. It's going to take a bit, these guys did some damage. Sorry about the inconvenience. We'll have things running again as soon as possible. :)
I know who you are, Darc!!

I've been able to patch up my sites. The only thing that's a problem right now is the forum, which I don't have backed up in any way. However, nothing was lost that can't be replaced. I knew you guys would be on it. Thanks!
Thanks, Kat. Unfortunately, this is going to be a rough week. Matt should have sent out an email about what we're looking at. If not, he will be today. This one was really bad. They actually damaged the server's OS. Badly. It's going to take a lot to fix. I'm really sorry about this.
It's not your fault. These things happen, unfortunately. I'm just really sorry it had to happen to you and Matt.

As I said, except for my forums, I'm totally backed up and didn't lose anything, and I can wait until you guys can fix this. While I wait, I shall see what I can do about sending a curse to Turkey....
Hey, report this as a crime, huh? Especially since he left a calling card... US gov has a site talking about where to report at: http://www.usdoj.gov/criminal/cybercrime/reporting.htm

There are some state laws against this also...
We have, but with them being in Turkey we were told there wasn't much that could be done besides noting the attack and filing it away. :( It's so frustrating. We're really sorry about all this.
They hacked your site?? They hacked the whole server?!?!? Those friggin' imbecilic juvenile delinquent bored children in adults' bodies with nothing better to do than vandalize other people's hard work! What idiots...

May the blue bird of happiness leave guano in their hard drives.
ROFL!!! Yes, I like that!!
Oh dear... it would appear that someone has far too much time on their hands!
Gah! What a jerk! The smug little ass even left their calling card and email after they hacked it!
Stupid jerkwads that are out there. I hope you report them dumbass to the Feds asap. And hopefully they can track down the ass.
The Animated Life forums got hacked? Wow... I wonder who's done it.
The whole server/host got hacked. It was some jerk in Turkey. Some people are just so miserable, the only thing that makes them feel good is making everyone else miserable, too.
The guy is a total (insert several expletives here). Seriously...it was a hack just to hack things which sounds to me like a bored jerk.

It's a pity the feds can't do much about this though. (Uses FBI agent icon anyways.)