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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Well, I guess AL is toast.

Here's an exerpt from what Jen, my host's owner, sent me. (And what a wonderful person she is, to answer me literally within minutes, at this hour of the day!) ~
....At this point, the site really can't be on a shared host.

[here she gave me some figures on my usage]....in other words, you use 1 Gigabyte of memory on average per day for your site.

....Because the server's been running ok, and we had a special deal, I let it go - but this is not new. These images are being remotely loaded from all over the Internet, the site is attacked once every ten seconds, and your site alone needs 1 Gigabyte of memory all on its own each day - the site needs to be on a very robust VPS, or a Dedicated server. The resource usage has gotten so out of control that its taken down apache 3 times in the past 48 hours, and it was suspended - even suspending it, however, didn't stop the issues, as your images were being remotely loaded from so many places the hits on the server continued we had to terminate the account just to get the server to come back into normal operating parameters.

...in my opinion, this site cannot be housed on a shared server due to its resource usage.

Since I don't have a dedicated server - and wouldn't know how to protect one or what to do with one if I had it - I really don't think I have a choice. I think I'm going to have to end AL now, just after its 10th anniversary.

It's breaking my heart.


That's terrible. And I was slowly in the process to make a site for my harem and have a link to it through AL. That is so sad and all the great work you put into it too. I hope nothing but the best for you to keep AL up.
Would it maybe work out to get hosted through a bigger service company? Maybe actually try something like the Yahoo hosting? I have it since I originally had a paid GeoCities account but then once Yahoo ended that, the paid GeoCities account merged to the Yahoo small business service.

I must say Mirana has some good ideas too but I too don't know if you're already using those.
I... have nothing productive to add, because I don't have the money or tech savvy to set up a dedicated server, but there's just gotta be somebody who does. I was going to say AL's been around forever, and 10 years feels close. 10 years ago I was still back on the west coast and doing IRC in the court of miracles every night.
Have you put a big thing on the main page begging for someone to help do the dedicated server thing? Maybe you could put up a temporary page to ask for that, to warn the site can't live without it.
Oh, no, Kat, I'm so sorry. I feel the same way as Rey - as if AL has been a permanent fixture for so long that I can't imagine the internet without it.

I know I'm not usually one for looking on the bright side (especially now), but to have a site with that kind of activity, you've really created something big and special. So, go you!

I just wish I had the tech knowledge to help you keep it where it is. There must be SOMETHING that could be done. I'll be honest though, I'm not even entirely clear what a dedicated server is.

*HUGS* I can't make chat tonight because I'm at the evil place, but tomorrow maybe if you need to talk!
Oh, no! That's terrible news! I mean, gosh, I was visiting AL long before you and I even became friends...

Are you okay, Kat? I know that this must have been a huge blow.

Edited at 2009-06-25 05:40 pm (UTC)
Oh, Shit!

There has to be some way around this ... AL has too much useful info to let it go down....

I just had a semi-crazed idea -- the problem doesn't sound like it's so much that they don't want to work with you, it's that they won't host you on their server? You need one of your own? So, see if you can cut a deal with them where you buy a server, which is just a computer built differently for networking instead of running desktop apps, and they run it for you. Sort of you keep paying them to do the stuff that they were doing for you before, but you buy a machine and software of your own to run AL on. Or at least the machine, and pay them for the extra software license they will need to install their software on a second machine. Or something along these lines, anyway....

Poking around Google, it looks like a server computer isn't much different in price than a regular desk or laptop pc, it's the software that will kill you. But I bet they already know about that stuff and can answer your questions, because they are in the business anyway. Talk to them... See if they have any ideas....
I can't afford all that. Matt - my dragonfare.com host - offered to set me up with a server, but the cost is $75-$100 a month. I was barely making payments on less than 1/2 of that with Draknet. And I had to borrow money from my retirement funds to buy my new PC - no way I'm going to be able to purchase a server.