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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I want to answer the comments from my last post here, so I can share with those who might not read comments and replies.

cindy_73, you're one of several people who were poised to post on AL, either with harems, fanfic, fan art, or new pages. I had a backlog of about 350 messages from those people I call my "overachievers", who flooded me with contributions. I really hate that these things will never be done now.

I am considering putting up an attenuated site, but I really don't have the heart to do it, at least not right now.

AL has been a huge responsibility for me. For the last 10 years, I have worked on it virtually every weekend. Although it's been a great joy, it's also been a heavy burden. So its loss is creating a lot of mixed emotions in me. I'm a bit numb, really. Stunned. It's been such a big part of my life. I can't make up my mind if I've lost something precious, or gained more time and energy to devote to other things, like my writing. After all these hours of thinking about nothing else, I'm still not sure.

mirana, to answer your questions: It's a Gig of transfer. (It's approximately 1.5 Gig in files.) Your ideas are good (and I plan to use them on my other sites for sure), and there are .htaccess files in my directories at Draknet (I just didn't know what they were for!). However, I'm not sure even those measures would help. There are more than 6,600 pages in AL, and more than 54,000 images. Every month I added approximately 30 more pages and perhaps 500+ more images, and there was no sign of stopping. (Which is impressive, and says a lot for the animation fans, but still a problem!) Also, the fact that it was being attacked every 10 seconds concerns me greatly. I really hope one of those attacks didn't backtrack to dragonfare.com and create the hacking problem that poor Matt has now, although I don't see how it could, since that link isn't in the main AL pages. Also, Jen is a smart lady and very kind, so if she tells me I need a VPS or dedicated server for AL, I believe her, and if she doesn't want to host fantasykat.com any more, I can't blame her, since that's become a hacker's target. Matt tells me a dedicated server would cost $75-$100 a month, which is way out of my reach. I really do appreciate your attention and the time you took to help me, and I value your expertise! Thanks. But I think the problem is too big for any kind of patch at this point.

kyranthia, as you can see above, AL is far too big to put on any regular commercial site. Most sites consider 1Gig/month to be generous, and AL was doing more than 1Gig per day. Even if I cut off the remote linking, there would still be a LOT of hits, each of which involves downloads of images, so my common sense tells me that I'd need that dedicated server that I can't afford.

Another alternative I considered was scattering the site through several hosts and domains. But since I loathe advertising, I wouldn't use free hosts, so that would end up costing me about the same as a dedicated server.

I'm still not sure what I'm going to do, but at least at the moment, I'm so overwhelmed that I can't think clearly. The first thing I have to do is sort out my feelings and decide if I even want to continue AL, in part or in full, and then, if I don't want to put down the burden/joy, decide what form it should take. I just don't know right now.

Thanks, everyone, for your sympathy and dismay. I really feel as if AL is a much-loved site.


Bless you. This was such a wonderful thing to read at this point in time. It still leaves me wondering what to do, but at least you give me the belief that, whatever I do, it'll be the right thing. Thanks!
The important thing is what you want to do at this point. If you feel it's time to retire the site, then that's the best thing to do. But if you want to continue, there are some hosting sites that claim to offer unlimited data transfer (Yahoo does and I don't see that being an extra charge to their standard hosting fee.)

Either way, I wouldn't rush into any decision at this point so take all the time you need to consider all of your options.

Take care!
I didn't know that about Yahoo.

Thanks for the encouragement. I really need to ponder this whole thing over the weekend before I make a final decision. I do have a couple of options, even if none of them are exactly what I want. But it helps to know that you - and others - are so supportive. Truly.
You're welcome, Kat. *hugs*
Oh shit, I didn't even see your last post. I follow Darc's web comic and Gyr posted there that due to the damage the comic was going offline until August. I assumed this might mean AL was going to offline for about as long and we'd just have to be patient, but to think it might really be gone for good....That's devastating for me to think about, let alone to imagine how it must be for you, the owner, who poured so much love and effort into the site.

I do fervently wish AL could continue to exist in some form, maybe in a lot less image-heavy form (remote-linking is definitely a problem). I suspect the images are what take up so much space, for the most part. But even so, I know it's still a heavy-traffic site and a big responsibility for you.

As everyone has said, in the end it's up to you whether you want to keep AL alive. 10 years is a commendable age for any website.
Even if you decided to let the site itself go, I would be sad to see the forums disappear. I've met many wonderful people on the forums over the years and it, like AL itself, was always a safe haven for those of us who wished to find like-minded people and talk about animation without feeling like freaks. I suspect just keeping the forums would be much less of a bandwidth problem. Of course, whether they would remain popular with AL gone is something only time could tell....
Ack! I need to post about the forums! They're on Matt's server, and they will remain!!
Phew, that's a relief! Are they still down, though? 'Cause the old links don't seem to work anymore.
What is the URL for the forums? I still can't find them through my links.

Maybe it was just time for a change. :( It blows my mind to think that all of your years of hard work has been ruined because of some uncaring little hacker, but I'm sure this is a blessing in disguise, as are many of the things life hands us. Whatever happens, happens. Or in this case, whatever you decide to do, it's gonna be the right thing. *hug*
I agree with all the other comments posted. Whatever you want to do Kat is up to you. I'm also amazed at how long AL has lasted. I still remember joining up when I was in junior high!! Wow.
Whatever you do we'll support you Kat. You're an amazing lady for doing this all for free. Supporting such an awesome community at such an expense to yourself is really something. *Hugs to you*

I don't even know why, but I've missed checking my friends page here for a few days. Now I go to check it finally, and all hell has broken loose...!! Oh my GOD this is... well needless to say, VERY sad! :( No amount of cursing or swearing could sum up how I feel about the (person) who was heartless enough to ruin AL! And they left their e-mail address up there too?? ... (insert rage here!)

Like everyone has said, regardless of what the next step is from here, we're all behind you, Kat. Thank you for giving us the gift of AL for the many years that you did. The wonderful place that it was will never be forgotten, nor will the friendships we've all forged because of your efforts. *hugs*

Awaiting your next move, captain! ;)

And to the hacker: BURN!!!! **rage face!**