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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

About AL ~

I've been doing a lot of research (I hope my boss doesn't read this), a lot of thinking, and a lot of talking to friends about AL. The result is that I am going to let the site go.

What decided me for sure was discovering that the site really requires a dedicated server or VPS, and even if I found one which I could afford, the technical expertise required to run it is far beyond me.

I hate to do it. AL has been around so long, and there are so many people who love it! On the other hand, there are other things in my life that I'd like to focus my attention on, such as my writing. So although I'm really sad, I believe I'm making the right choice.

However! I do not want to give up all my friends from AL, nor - of course - my fascination with animation. The AL forums WILL be restored (soon!) and, I hope, stay active.

To all of you - the folks who have been with me all these years, and those new folks with your fresh enthusiasm - I can only say, I'm sorry, and thank you for making me feel like a special person and for helping to create the little web-world of AL. As I have often said, y'all are wonderful.


I do hope that something positive will come from the loss of AL... ♥
Well Kat we're going to miss AL, but I'm glad you'll have more time to pursue other hobbies. I really do think you make an awesome writer, I really enjoyed your cowboy bebop fanfic prelude. It really was book worthy. In fact I could seriously see that as a movie.
It's been a great 10 years knowing you through the AL site. I hope to one day say I met her before she became a famous author. :)
I've got to tell you something weird, Kat... I just recieved an e-mail about a private message to my account at the AL forums site. How can that be? And, since I can't open the site, and log in, I'm not able to read it. And see who has sent it.
Waaah! (general sounds of crying and despair...)

Ah, hell -- but you do what you have to do, and sometimes real life bites....

One day I went looking for some Yugioh pics for me and my kid to save to our hard drive -- I think we were trying to find wallpapers for the newer computer, because the stuff that came supplied with Windows was pretty, but rather boring.

And I stumbled into Animated Lust... And from there I stumbled into the harems and first thing you know, I had joined the forums and was checking out books of HTML (and finally buying some) so that I could put up a web page on Geocities in order to make a harem with pictures instead of my initial attempt that only had text.

I learned some HTML. I even learned a little CSS. I built a couple web pages, designed a web page on Pagii for the harem, since that was faster for someone with limited HTML knowledge, and one thing led to another.

AL led to the AL forums, the forums led me to LiveJournal. And to DeviantArt. And to Fanfiction.net and writing fanfiction for an acquaintance from the AL forums. LJ led me to wonderful people like spicy_diamond who explains things to me like "This screams 'Objection!' " is really a reference to Phoenix Wright games, not an objection to something I did, and who let me use her "Happy fangirls make the world a better place" phrase as a quote for my harem. It led me here, to you, yourself, and it and DA led me to jesskat and her wonderful art and writing, DA led me to a whole host of other artists who were on the AL forums as well. Fanfic.net has introduced me to more people who are now on my LJ or DA f-list, and to KaibaGirl007 who I now count as a real life friend (and who sent me a package of all kinds of cool things all the way from Wales O.O ).

AL led me to making icons, to writing fanfic, to trying to draw... And to an entire bunch of people I would have never known otherwise, many of whom recommended shows to me I would have otherwise missed -- Cowboy Bebop - Torchwood - Slayers - One Piece - and more... At least the forums will continue.

R.I.P. Animated Lust (rated PG!)
Your decision makes me sad because the site had become so iconic over the years and I donated a lot of pages to it myself ((so all those wonderful images are just gonna go poof? Waaaaah!)), but at the same time, I'm excited that you're going to have so much more free time to do things you really enjoy that have been neglected - especially writing.

*HUGS* on this tough decision. I'm sorry I haven't been around - my life has been really horrible this week. It seems like something sucky is happening to everyone I know. :-(
I'm sorry to hear that! I'm actually getting back on an even keel now and accepting it.

Nothing has been lost - it's all backed up on my hard drive. But those images won't be on the web any more. :(

What's going on? Email me and bitch!
Good! I'm glad you have everything completely backed up. Maybe one day it'll be a lot easier to host such a big site and it can be ressurrected. :-) The second coming!

Nothing new is going on, just more of the same. I work in a pit of vipers. I keep hoping I'll be able to get to chat, but my life keeps snowballing.

It was a wonderful site for all the years it was online. But I can only imagine the amount of work it took to keep it going. Thanks for all the hard work you did for all those years.

I'm glad though you will now have more time for your writing which you have a passion for. :)
*HUGSHUGSHUGS* It's a sad thing to see it go, but I also totally understand the need to let go of something that's been devouring your life. That could be a very good thing. The connections you've made won't go away. ;)
Sorry to hear about the site, Kat. AL really was a great sight, but just thinking about all the pages and the upkeep is mindblowing.

At least you have more time to persue other hobbies now, right?

Awwww, man....

Wow. The end of an era.

I was there when you started AL. It all began with Shan Yu...but who remembers that?

Probably just you and I.


Will the pages really disappear, or will they be archived somewhere? Have you considered bequeathing the site to someone you trust to keep the quality as high as it has been?

I've been feeling melancholy since Friday (for reasons I'll write to you privately), and this just puts the bittersweet icing on the Cake of Sadness.

You provided such a wonderful site for so many people for so many years. It still comes up top on a LOT of Google searches.

I hope at least some of it will be archived and not just lost forever....

But you deserve time to focus on your art, and I know this is the right thing for you to do. So GO FOR IT DragonGirl!!! Woot! Woot!

Re: Awwww, man....

No pages were lost. I always kept them on my hard drive. Later, I'll post that in the forum, so that anyone who wants images can have them.

I'm sorry I added to your problems. :(