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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

It's been more than a week since I did anything here, and it's been a busy week!

I've been doing some writing. I finished up two RK fanfics. Now that they are done, I have two chapters of Prelude that have been given back to me by my Ruthless Editor and my Favorite Beta-Reader, both, so I am ready to start tomorrow to polish them up. I hope to be able to post them both over the weekend.

I'm in the Omega Ruins now, in FFX. I'm really just having fun there, exploring and building up my characters for the assault on Sin. The Omega Ruins are a tough place! I'd be in even more trouble if not for the aeons, bless them.

I'm finally watching Death Note, and I am so totally hooked. I'm enjoying so many aspects - the moral lessons, the apple symbology, the use of colors, and of course the characters. I'm totally adoring L and loathing Light. OK, that's simplifying things a bit, but you get the idea. Ryuk is funny, and Light's father is the hero that Anime Insider named him. I've only gotten through 8 episodes, and I'm wondering what they can do next! But I'm sure they'll figure it out. I was surprised that they ran through the whole "Light has a crisis of conscience and deals with it by beginning a descent into evil" in about 10 seconds, and moved right into the action, but I liked that. The opening theme - imagewise - is amazing. I could go on and on, but I need to get to bed sometime tonight.


Death Note just keeps on getting better the further you get, trust me. I actually love both L and Light. They both have their own motives but intellectually they're evenly matched and I just enjoy their cat-and-mouse play so much. Sometimes it gets pretty tasking to keep up with the plot, but it's wonderfully complex and well planned throughout. I really like Light's father too, he's probably the most morally sound character in the entire cast. But my favorite task force member (besides L and Light) is Matsuda. He starts out as the innocent and goofy secondary character who gets neglected by the other members, but undergoes his own character development and evaluation of his own values in the course of the story. But I shan't spoil anything.

Sorry for gushing, Death Note is simply my favorite anime series of all time and I can't wait to hear your thoughts as you progress further.
Matsuda is a darling! I love the guy! He's the only one besides Yagami that I know.

I will be sure to add comments as I progress. I can't wait for Netflix to get the next two volumes to me.