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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Wild animal day today... I had to chase the young raccoon out of the garage, and away from the cat food, twice. And a pissed off mama red wasp chased me out of the grain room and would not let me in again.

Ah, Death Note. *smile, smile, smile*

Watched Vol 3 today. L goes to school. *dies* He was so funny. Cool that he plays championship tennis. Who'd have thunk it? But what a brilliant strategy! Y'know, I think he's believed Light was Kira all along, but just can't prove it, even to himself.

I do wonder if L reacts to all drastically new ideas as he did to the idea of shinigami actually existing. Oh well. He's weird.

Misa creeps. me. out. She seems to have even less of a conscience, and even more of an ego-centric character, than Light does! And she's stupid, besides. I have been told that she improves, but right now, I just want to shove her down a hole.

I've finally met Rem. She has a lot more compassion than Misa or Light. I find all the rules of the shinigami pretty interesting. I think the shinigami who died to save Misa was a waste. Misa doesn't deserve it.

I felt really bad about Ukita and the two unnamed policemen, and even the two newscasters, that Misa killed. But wasn't Yagami great, driving through the front of the building with his face hidden? Brilliant, brave, resourceful... what a man. But he's gone almost completely grey with the strain. It's a miracle he lives through the whole show.

This show continues to startle me. Every time I think I see what direction they will go in, they veer off. I love it.

Still hooked. Can't wait until tomorrow to see Vol. 4. I am forcing myself not to watch it tonight, because then I'd have all weekend with no Death Note at all.


The wasp must have been friends with the raccoon.

Or maybe the raccoon's head of security?
Or hit man!
I think the show has done an amazing job of a lot of things. It's thought-provoking, and since this is such old ground that it's cliched by now, I'm impressed.

I can tolerate Misa, but I don't like her, and I think her soul is even more empty than Light's.
Eyeshield!!!! Why will they not bring the anime over here??? God, I love that!!

Calming down....

It would be hard to find two stories more different than those two without wandering into shoujo. But both are good. At least the anime are, so I'm assuming the manga are, too.
How do you know that the wasp is a mama? *am so terrified of wasps*

I can't wait to talk with you some more about Death Note! *dances*
She was building a nest.

The grain room's ceiling slopes downward, from about 6' to about 3'. Where I work is in the front half, but still, the rafters are close over my head. Wasps build their nests up there all the time, and when they hatch, they fly around the grain room - and around my head - all the time. I have a live and let live view of that. Pretty good for someone phobic about insects! But they have never bothered me. Besides, I'm not allergic - the one time a red wasp stung me (it was in my shirt), I only hurt for a day.

This wasp, however, was not just flying around. She was *buzzing*. ANGRILY.

I still feel bad that I had to kill her, though.
You're much kinder than I am when it comes to creatures like insects or snakes. I have no remorse over killing wasps. *shudder* I've never met one that I liked. ;)