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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I have just watched a terrific movie. Sometimes you grope around in the ol' Wal Mart $5 bin and come up with a gem, and that's what I did.

I picked it up because (a) it was dragons, and (b) Robert Forster was in it, and I love Robert Forster. I wasn't expecting much, but boy, did I get a surprise! It was exceptionally well directed, and the special effects, acting, and soundtrack were just as good.

The film is called Dragon Wars / D War. It's a Korean movie done in the tradition of Godzilla, with homages to a lot of other films (Terminator, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, King Kong, and The Mummy, to name a few), and it's got really great CGI. Of course, I'm a dragon fanatic, but this movie satisfied me completely on that score. Besides that, it was great fun.

The director, Hyung Rae Shim, also wrote it, which generally makes for a better movie. He's a cool and very intelligent guy - it you get the DVD, be sure to see the special feature and watch him talk about the film. I did love the Korean parts and the fact that it's based on a Korean legend. Maybe the entertainment business is the best way to bring about world peace. *g*

Anyway, I highly recommend this film for anyone who likes this type of film. And if you see it, don't miss the start of the end credits - not for any surprise thing, but for the Korean folk song, which is beautiful.