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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

So, last night I'm going out to feed the horses, happy that I don't have to haul 100 lbs of grain down there, as I usually do on Sundays. I chase the young raccoon away from the food we put out for the stray cats. I walk to the barn, agreeing that the fence isn't good enough to leave the horses in the ring overnight. At the grain room, I check warily for wasps, and for the possible possum or skunk. Then I haul buckets of grain to the barn, wishing I could afford to get the stalls cleaned. In the barn, I'm careful to watch my feet in case of snakes.

And all the time, in the back of my mind, I'm hearing that John Denver song, Thank God I'm a Country Boy. Particularly the line that goes, "My days are all filled with an easy country charm." Well, don't be fooled by cheerful John Denver, folks. Country life is not for the faint of heart.


I seriously question whether John Denver actually ever spent a day in the country. I really liked his music -- he was kind of the Jimmy Stewart of 1970s pop, a nice guy, but rather naive. His wife probably divorced him because he was still a virgin ... even after they were married.

In my neck of the woods originally, it always made me laugh when people would go to the beach on days when there was no wind and it was warm. No wind and warmth means horseflies! Like, horseflies with a bite that can pierce leather! Horseflies that are big enough to fly off with Sherman tanks! I mean, these suckers HURT! People would come from off Cape Cod in their bikinis, or worse, go to the nude beaches, and get their ding-a-lings bitten off. Yep, you can always tell a tourist (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk!) -- but you can't tell them much...
I like that description of Denver. The Jimmy Stewart part, I mean. As for the virgin part... *dies*

There are beaches in South Dakota?

We have horseflies, and yeah, their bite is savage. But none have ever flown off with a ding-a-ling.

God, I needed that laugh. Vielen dank.

Cape Cod?

Cape Cod etc.

Yeah, I grew up on Cape Cod, and was there kind of on and off until I was about 30. I moved down to Baton Rouge to attend graduate school at LSU and met Barb who was from South Dakota and attending the same program. That was summer 1989, and I dated a young gal from Lafayette for awhile, but eventually got involved late that year with Barb, and the rest is history. Twenty years together now. One third love, one third inertia, and one third old Yankee cussedness, I guess. Anyway, we've lasted...
Peace. Ed

Re: Cape Cod etc.

Well, as he said, his beach was the Atlantic Ocean on Cape Cod -- I've drug him inland, and he blames me regularly for it...

However, rather weirdly, since they dammed the Missouri River, we actually have a lot of shoreline and some very decent beaches in places to go with it, along with a lot of fishing. But mostly we raise mosquitoes.

The people of Minnesota think there are no mosquitoes in the Black Hills, but that is just because Minnesota raises ones the size of small Volkswagons.
Oh my goodness! Here, I thought having a few mice in my garage was scary enough!
*cracks up* We have rats as well as mice. And lots and lots and lots of mice.
Have mice. Send cats?
Yeah, but you do it with a certain type of pizazz. ;) Makes it awesome like John Denver would be jealous of. hehehe. ^_^
If you had John Denver's string of hits, you probably could hire someone to do all that for you, which would add considerably to the country charm -- or city charm, or any other kind of charm. As they say -- I love work, I can sit and watch it all day....
I especially love to watch men work. Particularly strong men without shirts. Power tools optional.
Yep! That'll do it every time!