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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

In reading about this game on the web, I found two criticisms that I want to comment on:

1- The music. I like the music. It doesn't compare to FFXII, perhaps, but it's fine. It's reminiscent of soft jazz with a dash of pop and new age thrown in. And the battle music is a lot less obnoxious than FFX's. hee.

2 - The world map. Several critics have complained that they recycled the world map from FFX, using the same images and backgrounds. Well, duh. It's still Spira. The reason I wanted to play the game in the first place (other than to see Tidus and Yuna reunited) was because I didn't want to leave Spira after finishing FFX!

I'm still enjoying the game a lot, although I will admit that if I have to wait for another commsphere to start up, I'll scream. I'm finding I don't have the patience for most of the mini-games, which is normal. I'm really not into mini-games and side quests much. I dabble in them, but basically I want to get on with the story. I'm just wondering if I can skip or skimp on so many mini-games and still get 100% completion.

I find some of the stuff, especially the costumes and battle system, to be sexist. I also wonder if any guys play this game, since all three player characters are women. But those are minor things. I don't care, I'm having fun. I recently got the dressphere "Trainer", where the girls fight with pets. Hearing Yuna say "Sic 'em!" cracks me up.

There are a couple of random-encounter fiends that I can't handle at all, which is bizarre, since I've been able to kick ass on all the bosses. But that's OK, that's what "Flee" is for.

I'm still finding too many choices in the battle system. The next time I play, I will probably narrow it down and work only with a few dresspheres and garment grids. It's just too much trouble to be switching them all the time.

OK, shutting up now.


My husband is a FF nut. And FFX and FFX2 are his faves and he's loves the Luna, Pain and what's her face in FFX2.
LOL! Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. Thanks for telling me that - I don't know any guy players, and I was wondering.