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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I took Beau to the vet today, and he's gone.

Over the past week, his condition - already deteriorating - took a strong turn for the worse. He could barely walk across a room, and he kept hiding. He would also try to bolt outside every time we opened the back porch door. He'd lost a lot of weight. Yesterday, he would cry, and he stopped drinking water (as far as I could see). He was so ready to leave us that the vet didn't even get a quarter of the juice into him before he went.

Trish (my vet) did give me reassuring words - by everything in his record and my describing, she says he had a stroke and slipped into dementia. Thank God, she says the crying wasn't pain - there was nothing in his condition to indicate pain - but just his confusion.

He purred when I carried him out to the car. He almost never purred, but he did when I took him away. It was probably just the confusion, but I would like to think that he knew he was going to be helped.

My fuzzy baby boy is gone. I still keep looking for him in his favorite hiding places, but I know he's better off now. He was always such a hard-luck cat that I want to believe he's in a heaven where all the other cats love him. Of course, his idea of heaven may be where there are no other cats, and he can just relax, eat, drink, and sleep to his heart's content.

Half-Patch and Ivan have been meowing almost constantly the past few weeks, and yesterday, they sat together on the kitchen stool - unheard of before now - just over Beau's head while Beau slept. Today, they aren't meowing. Don't try to tell me that cats have no heart.


I'm so sorry, Kat.
My thoughts are with you. *hugs*
I am so sorry :(
So sorry, Kat... :( I think its beautiful, how your other cats reacted. And you're right, Beau is in a much happier place now. Poor thing. :(
I hope you'll find solace in the fact that you've always been a wonderful mother to all of your critters.

I'm thinking of you, sweetie. ♥
Oh, no... -- it has been a bad year for death, hasn't it? Not again....

I am so sorry for you... You've had too much loss in a fairly short time.
I'm so sorry. I don't know what else I can say. :(
Aw Kat, I'm so sorry. :(
*HUGSHUGSHUGSHUGS* I'm so sorry. Having recently gone through this, I know just how hard it is. But when they're ready, then it's a lot harder on us than it is on them. Look to the cats you still have for consolation. *HGUSHUGSHUGS*
Awww, man. I'm sorry, Dragon. It might have been expected and even a mercy for poor Beau, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I will light a candle for your fluffy boy.