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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

A few FFX-2 observations:

I love it when a songstress does the Samba of Silence against a fiend who can only cast spells, like the flan. In fact, especially the flans. It's so much fun to see them cast their spell and nothing happens. hee! In FFX, I used to get a kick out of using elemental aeons against spell casting fiends. For some reason, it was usually Ifrit. But it was so much fun to see the fiend casting their worst spells and actually restoring HP to my aeons. *giggle*

I'm sure the way you play the games says something about your character/personality. In my case, for one, I can't pass a treasure chest without opening it, even when I know that I can't use (and sometimes can't even carry!) what's inside. For another, I find spellcasting a bore - I tend to use physical attacks almost exclusively. They're faster and more fun. So... I can't resist temptation, I lack patience, and I like beating up things?

One thing I do wonder - why are there no bows and arrows in these games? The closest thing I've seen so far is the crossbow in FFXII, and I think the longbow is far more elegant.

Another thing I wonder - in FFX-2, why bother with White Mages once you have a good Alchemist or two?

Yet another - I love the New Game Plus, where, when you start a new game, you begin at level 1 again but you get to keep all your gil, items, and skills.


On another topic - I'm about to rewatch the movie Troy. So many pretty men. Does that make me shallow?

My roomie got me to watch two movies that I enjoyed more than I expected, Transformers and Eragon. I am now reading the book Eragon, about which I have mixed feelings.


I'm pretty sure you can use a short bow/long bow in FFXII. I'm not sure though - haven't played the games in a while.

I kinda had mixed feelings on Eragon too - mostly because I thought people were really coming down hard on it.
As Zora reminds me, you are quite right about the bow. *slinks off into a corner*

People were very harsh toward Eragon, and with good reason. But the critics were so focused on the bad stuff that they usually missed what was good.
Am I the only one who's having trouble with your journal? At least now it's letting me reply, but I can only see the italicized words in your original post. WTF? I've tried two different browsers, even.

If I remember correctly, didn't Fran exclusively use bows and arrows in FFXII? She would have looked so crass using anything else.

I don't love casting spells either - unless it's gonna keep me alive. I use them more in the FF games than I ever did in Kingdom Hearts, tho.

There are so very many beautiful, mostly naked men in Troy. What's not to love? I don't care if it makes me shallow. I still think it's kind of funny though that a movie about war and death seems to be pandering to women and gay men who have no interest in war and death. X-D

I really did not like the book Eragon. At all. Amateur fan fiction is the best description. Everyone was all, "But, he's only 17!" and I'm like, "It shows!" I'm not sure there is a single vaguely original idea in the whole thing. No joke. What do you think?
You're the only one who's complaining. eep?

Yup, you're right about Fran. I don't know how I forgot that. But it wasn't exclusive - the others could be armed with bows, I believe, and I know Fran could wield a sword very effectively.

Yes, beautiful, mostly naked men. I can't wait to watch it. I can use an infusion of beautiful, mostly naked men. And there are so many actors I like in it! (Not all of whom I want to see naked, however.) Interesting thought you had there - it never occurred to me, but you're right, that's odd. And funny.

I actually like much of Eragon. There are many, many places where I snort and say, "Dragonriders of Pern" or "Gandalf" or "Obi-Wan" etc. Or I roll my eyes, especially at the "raven-haired" elf maiden. (And he was 15 when he originally wrote it, I believe.) Still, I enjoy the story, and he really put a lot of thought into the map, the world, and the history. Also, I have a crush on Murtagh. I understand the later books are better written. But original idea? Nooo, I can't recall one. Still, that's a glass house for me, since I don't think I have any original ideas. In fantasy, it's hard to do so. Paolini was just so *obvious* about it.
It must be something with my computer. Vista really does screw things up. All my browsers are up to date. I can't imagine why it's not working. It basically works on the ancient laptop. Figures.

You are right, of course, that it is hard to be original because all the original ideas in fantasy were created years ago by either Tolkien on one side or Anne Rice on the other. However, you can still write an excellent,fresh story with similar themes. Your characters can be original people - or you can have that one hook that makes it awesome that maybe hasn't been done so many times before. Examples: The Sookie Stackhouse novels. Vampires are so very in, but Sookie herself is such an original character that her narration makes even the most repetitive vampire storyline seem new. Or the Libba Bray novels. We've done the magic boarding school storyline 5000 times now, but the hook with the realms was something I hadn't specifically read before. And, again, the four girls were so compelling.

I didn't think anyone in Eragon was compelling. Just weak shadows of far greater characters from better written books. You know I'm not usually that harsh on a story, but I really feel that this one was very poor - teenager or not.
I'm about to rewatch the movie Troy. So many pretty men. Does that make me shallow?

Not at all - I watch many mediocre movies / television shows simply for the sake of checking out the eye-candy!

I'm quite surprised to hear that you enjoyed Eragon. I found it rather disappointing when compared to the book.