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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Never underestimate a med student...? ~

Someone on ffnet is reading Prelude for the first time, and doing reviews of some of the chapters. That's my thrill for the month! (I know, I know - it should motivate me to get back to the story. I hope it does.)

Finished FFX-2 for the second time, and started Kingdom Hearts for about the 5th time. Despite having played it so often, I forgot that I need a wrist brace for that game. Ow.

It's been raining mercilessly for nearly a week, and that's made life pretty miserable for us. We do need it, I know, but plowing through the mud ends up really increasing our level of pain and fatigue. I know, whinewhinewhine.

After 5 years (eep), I finally went to get my eyes examined, mostly because my vision has changed drastically - so much so, that I can see better without my glasses than with them. My old eye doctor retired, so I got a new one, and he's the best I've ever had. He's funny, for one thing. We teased each other and laughed a lot. Plus, he told me everything and answered every question I asked. I found out that my old eye doctor never mentioned to me that I have cataracts, birth marks, and something called narrow angles, and furthermore that, somehow, he lasered a hole in my eye without me knowing about it. Now, to be fair, none of this is bad, so I didn't need to know, but I want to know.

The cataracts are, in my doc's words, about a 3 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 the worst. Nothing to be alarmed about. However, he told me that sun damage can worsen cataracts, and cautioned me to wear sunglasses often, good ones (something the old doc never mentioned).

My distance vision has improved 3 "clicks" (the click being when the doc flicks lenses over your vision when testing it), which is significant. My new glasses will improve my vision to 20/20 (the old ones could only get to about 20/30 or 20/40).

The birthmarks are just interesting, nothing more. I have two in each eye.

"Narrow angles" has something to do with where two parts of the eye meet. It's a symptom of glaucoma, usually, but he says that's probably not the case with me, since I show no other signs of glaucoma. However, just to be sure, he's sending me to a specialist (I go next month), but he expects her to give me a clean bill.

He says my optic nerve is in excellent shape.

The laser hole is corrective, and perfectly OK, although he was surprised that I had no memory of getting it.

My new glasses are so pretty. They're the narrow metal wire rim type, in a deep clear lavender color, with a logo on the side that looks like a spread fan or bird's wing.


How is it even possible to laser an eye without the patient knowing about it? O_o
I wish I knew!!
Wow. That's a lot to learn about your eyes. A laser hole is surprising, to say the least. I'm glad everything else is okay, and hopefully, the specialist will find nothing else wrong. Your new glasses sound really pretty. :)
Pictures! We want pictures of the new glasses.

And as for the pre-med: I could have told you years ago that they were all cutthroats.
(*rim shot*)

So this guy gets out of prison and two days later he's on the prowl again? Sorry. I have only two words for what happened:

Natural. Selection.