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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I'm lagging a bit in my LJ. I'm taking a vacation next week, and as anyone in the working world knows, if you do that, then a massive conspiracy arises to pile work on you that must be done before you leave. I stayed nearly two hours late on Friday, and I still didn't get it all done.

I also sprained my ankle, or foot, or something, on Wednesday night. I stepped into a (deep) hole in the mud that was slightly smaller than my foot. But I have crutches - one of my faculty members loaned them to me.

Continuing on my Jeremy Irons kick, I watched two movies last night and this morning. The first was The Color of Magic. That was great fun, and, I believe, true to the spirit of the book, even if a lot of stuff was left out. Irons was great, and Tim Curry and Sean Astin were even better. (I saw lots of LotR references with Sean, so the show must have been made after LotR.) I thought David Jason was too old to be Rincewind - I seem to remember Rincewind as being fairly youngish, but then, it's been a long time since I read the book - but he was good with the character.

The second movie was The Mission, which I hated. I'm not saying it wasn't a good movie. It was. In fact, it was excellent. But I'll never want to see it again, because I'm really not the kind of person who enjoys movies whose theme is, "Life sucks. Goodness, moral virtue, kindness, common sense, truth, and hard work don't stand a chance against political greed and armies." Jeremy Irons' character has a lovely quote - "If might is right, then love has no place in the world." That about sums up the movie's message. Totally sucketh, IMO. I'm not into downers. I already know that life is unfair. I don't need to spend two hours with the fact being rubbed in my face, and pay for the privilege besides.


On "The Colour of Magic": Jeremy Irons certainly looked the part for Vetinari (at least the way I imagine him), and would have been fantastic if it weren't for that odd lisp. In the books Vetinari doesn't have a lisp, I don't understand why they felt the need to add one. He was also a bit too cuddly towards Wuffles. The funny thing about Vetinari showing affection towards only one living creature - and of all things, a scruffy little dog - is in the little things. He doesn't openly coo at the dog in front of other people.

I really, really think David Jason was miscast as Rincewind. But then, I'm a huge Rincewind fan and I'm very picky about who gets to play him.:P I thought the best parts about the movie were the sets (Ankh-Morpork looked fantastic) and Christopher Lee as Death.
Did you happen to catch Terry Pratchett's cameo as one of the astrozoologists at the beginning of the film?

Have you seen the movie version of "Hogfather"? It was made by the same production company, before "The Colour of Magic". TCOM is my favorite book, but from the film versions I definitely prefer "Hogfather". David Jason is in that one too (as Albert, Death's manservant) and while he's not the Albert I know from the books, he's still very funny and sympathetic. I liked him a lot better in that role than as Rincewind.

Sorry for the fangirly ramble. I should watch "The Colour of Magic" again sometime, it's been a while.

Good luck with your ankle, I hope it feels better soon.
I'm sorry about your ankle and all that conspiratorial extra work before your vacation. :(

I haven't seen the 'Colour of Magic', but I have seen 'The Mission', and I wasn't a fan for most of the reasons you mentioned really. For me, the best thing about the film was the amazing score by Ennio Morricone. Oh, that oboe. I could listen to the theme to 'The Mission' over and over. I can't get enough oboe.

If you're on a Jeremy Irons kick, have you ever seen the Adrian Lyne 1997 version of 'Lolita'? It's a vastly superior adaptation of the novel by Vladimir Nabokov than Stanley Kubrick's 1962 version and Jeremy Irons give a breathtaking performance as Humbert Humbert. :)
I haven't seen that, since I read - and hated - the book. But now I will, if he's that good.

I don't suppose you've seen "Dead Ringers"? I've heard he's good in that, but the subject matter turned me off.
Uh oh. Well, you might not like it after all if you didn't enjoy the book. It's a loyal adaptation for the most part, except that Lolita's age was raised from 12 to 15ish.

I have actually seen "Dead Ringers" thanks to my husband who is a rabid David Cronenberg fan. It is an excellent film, though I wouldn't say it's your cup of tea at all. I'd be worried about recommending it to you for that reason. :)
re: the lisp - I think they might have added that just to keep up the whole silliness of the thing through each scene. Otherwise those few scenes would have been the only serious parts in the show. As for cuddly, I wonder if that was a directorial choice, or Jeremy Irons' own thing, since he is an animal lover. But still, I, too, wish they hadn't deviated.

I always see Rincewind as you drew him, JessKat. That's the picture I have in my mind. The sets *were* great, and oh, I though Christopher Lee was perfect! I did not catch Pratchett's cameo... must go back and watch again!

Fangirly rambles are good. I like them.
The fandom may have been divided on many things regarding the film version, but I think everyone was happy to see Christopher Lee as Death again. He also voiced Death in the two animated Discworld features ("Wyrd Sisters" and "Soul Music") and ever since then the fandom (and Pratchett himself) has viewed him as the "official" voice of Death. They couldn't get him for "Hogfather", possibly because he was busy with other projects at the time. In "Hogfather" Death was voiced by Ian Richardson who did a great job in the role, but unfortunately passed away before "The Colour of Magic". Everyone was worried about the film crew picking a good replacement for the next movie, but were relieved when they heard they'd be getting Christopher Lee.

(See, there I go, rambling again...)

In case you do go back to catch the cameo, Pratchett is the scientist asking why it matters so much what sex Great A'Tuin the turtle is.;)
You're selling that????
Heck, yes, I want it! Or the scans, at least!! I'll email you my address later tonight - right now I'm supposed to be doing something else, not playing on the computer.
I like the movie - I think I've liked every Musketeer movie I've seen - but I mostly like the cast. My favorite scene? When Porthos tries to hang himself, but Aramis has sawn the beam. And the great line: Aramis (to Athos as the entire barn comes down) - "I'm a genius, not an engineer."

Hee! Never let me get started talking about a movie.

Just btw, I do like Leo, but I think he was miscast in this movie. However, the scene where Phillipe is looking out the window at the moon is simply lovely.

*slaps self*
What are you planning to do during your vacation, Kat? Are you going somewhere or relaxing at home?

I do hope that your foot feels better soon. ♥
I'm SO relaxing at home! So far, in three days, I've done nothing but watch TV and play my video game. I plan to do more, though, now that I'm a bit rested. Write, work on websites, take another cat to the vet, and get out my winter clothes. :)

The foot won't get better until the stupid rain goes away and I'm not having to plow through the mud. But it's not bad, really. (But then, I'm the one who dragged 150 lbs of grain out there in 2" mud with a broken ankle, so... I'm an idiot.)