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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Stolen from the always delightful starwefter:

1. My username is ____ because ____.
2. My journal is titled ____ because ____.
3. My subtitle is ____ because ____.
4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.
5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

(I would like to see all my flist do this - it would be fun to read)

So ~

1. My username is dragonfare because, long ago... way long ago, when I was young and stupid... I attempted to sell Amway products, and my mom suggested "Dragonfare" as the name of my business. I didn't think it fit Amway, but I thought it was so cool, I've used it everywhere I could. It was my first online name and is still my predominant online presence.

2. My journal is entitled "This is my story" because I liked the quote and the context. It's a quote that originates with Auron from Final Fantasy X, although several characters use it. I first heard it in Kingdom Hearts 2, when Auron defied Hades - Hades, God of the Underworld! - by saying, "This is my story. And you're not part of it." Way cool. The many ways it's paraphrased in FFX only made me like it more.

3. My subtitle is "but you can be in it" because nobody on my flist is Hades! No, seriously, it's meant as an invitation for all my friends to be a part of my life.

4. My friends page is called "Characters and sidekicks" because that seemed like a writerly thing to call it, and at the time I set up this theme, I was in a writerly mood.

5. My default user pic is "So many bishies" because I just love it. starwefter made it especially for me, but that's not why I'm using it now - I'm using it because it's cool. My default pic changes from time to time, but right now, I am loving my so-many-bishies.

On a more normal note, I am finally - after three days of doing almost nothing - ready to work on the things I wanted to take this week off to do. Whew. But first I've got to go out in the pouring rain, plow through the mud, and let the poor horses out of the barn.

Oh yeah. I'm watching Troy again, because I found there was a director's cut. If you have not seen this movie but plan to, or if you have and ever plan to watch it again, I highly recommend the director's cut. It changes the whole tone of the movie, fleshing out the characters and story. It also adds lots of gore to the battle scenes, but although I loathe gore, I dealt with it, because the way it's done is not "Oooh, look how cool when the blood spurts" but "These are men dying in hideous ways." It really does have more of an anti-war tone in this version, and the stress on individual choice and courage are slightly more pronounced.


LOL! Now me, I love fight scenes, preferably *without* gore! (One of the - many - reasons I loved "The Princess Bride" - although maybe you'd call those fights choreographed?)

As for manflesh, you do get an extra inch or two... enough to see that Orlando doesn't shave his, um... well. Enough. You get a lot of Brad skin, too. *slaps self*

Although I will say that, for a pretty-boy type, Brad is a fine actor.
Rain in Texas, rain in South Dakota...

We don't have as much as you, though -- but at least yours doesn't turn into snow...

I want some warmth and sunlight again. We went straight from summer into winter and seem to have skipped over fall.... Grrrrr.
Good heavens... and I'm always delightful? Oh JOY! I think I needed that this month -- my car muffler just died...