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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I have a question I'd like to ask my flist, if anyone has an opinion.

As some of you know, I write books under two names, fantasy under my real name and Regency romance under the pseudonym of Catherine Dove. I've restructured my domains, eliminating GreenSpell in favor of two separate domains for the individual names, kathytrueman.com and catherinedove.com.

So here's the question: The set up now is one "splash" page which gives both my names and links to each site. What I'm thinking of doing is eliminating that page, and just putting a little note on a page on each individual domain saying "I also write..." etc., with a link. I am considering that because it's more clean, and because I sincerely doubt that there are many people like me who love both Regency romances and fantasy. So, as readers, would you want to have to click through an extra page which might lead you to other books in separate and unrelated genres by an author, or would you rather find the books in the genre, and then, if you like my writing, have the link to explore my other stuff? I'm inclined toward the latter, but since I have an intelligent flist, I thought I'd get your thoughts on the subject.

And if I'm not clear, which is possible probable, please let me know! And thanks in advance for your thoughts! (Which I hope I get...)


I must be weird, because I actually do read both. That said, though, I think it actually does make sense to split it up totally. I seem to remember that at one time it was rather hard to track down that Amanda Quick was also two other people, and all of them wrote romances -- it was just that one wrote historical, one modern, and one sci-fi romances. And for a long time you wouldn't have known they were all the same person instead of three separate people unless you really dug around a while. So it seems if the romance genre itself fragments that thoroughly, that the lines between genres should be even more strongly drawn.
I'm with the latter as well. Even though I'll seek out fantasy books rather than romance, if I find an author I enjoy, I'd probably follow them into other genres as well. That being said, I could also make an association with what you write in the other genre that it may dictate - I might assume because you write romance, your fantasy will be a romantic fantasy, or something like that.
The latter sounds better to me. Most people are likely to be looking for one genre at a time and it's easier for them if the link just leads directly to the books you have in that particular genre. If they like your stuff, they can always go back to explore your site and find a link to your other works.
You know, Z - who works in a bookstore - suggests that I do the splash page, because customers generally want all the works by any one author. But everyone else seems to think that dividing them is better. The visual link, a banner - especially if I put it in a prominent place - is a nice compromise!