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whatever happens

April 2017

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More whining.

I went to the doctor. Not only do I have a URI, but bronchitis as well. I went to work today and did OK, but I'm so mentally and emotionally fatigued that I can't DO anything. I end up sitting there, staring into space. I can't create. Not a story, not a website. Only the most routine tasks are within my scope. I haven't done laundry for nearly two weeks, and my dirty dishes are scattered all over the place.

This antibiotic better hurry up and work. At least all the mind-fuzz is the worst thing now. The coughing is light, even without taking any cold meds during the day.

Yes, I'm feeling sorry for myself. Sympathy is welcome. ;)


I'm not even entirely sure what URI is...

But here's a virtual cup of tea to go with the sympathy. c(_)

And bronchitis is crap. Go to bed. Drink lots of liquids. Sleep lots. Take some sick leave and GO TO BED! Your mother and I both say so.... And Spike probably agrees. You might argue with us, but you don't want to argue with him -- he can take you, especially in your condition, considering the bronchitis and all. :D
URI = upper respiratory infection

The bronchitis is clearing up. I didn't stay in bed over the four days I goofed off (Saturday-Tuesday), but I didn't get out of my chair much except to eat, visit the bathroom, and change DVDs. Does that count?
I think I watched all three of the original Star Wars movies (Luke Skywalker) back to back once when I had the flu -- so staying in the chair counts....
oh! What a great idea! Someone suggested the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but I just recently did that one. I wish I'd thought of Star Wars! See how fuzzy headed I was?
There was stuff I picked up, like Luke looking at his prosthesis hand and then seeing Darth's cut off and also being prosthesis, and realizing they are both the same in that, which I totally had not caught when seeing the movies piecemeal and years apart. It was good to watch them as a set, even though I've only done it once.