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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I watched two fun movies over the weekend, neither of which I expected to like. The first was The Haunted Mansion, which I actually liked even better than Hocus Pocus. And as a bonus, it had Nathaniel Parker, who reads the audio version of the Artemus Fowl books (and is one of my top three readers). The second was Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I thought it would be stupid, as sequels usually are, but I enjoyed the heck out of it.

I took one of those Mary Sue tests, and according to it, Hikaru is definitely way into Mary Sue territory. However, she mostly got there because she has attributes - beauty, musical training - that come with being a geisha. Maybe I should try it again using the post-geisha Hikaru. *g*

Just finished a book that I've been meaning to read for a long time, The Gift of Fear. Really good, very informative, and fascinating. Also one that I think women should read.

I'm very concerned about one of my LJ friends. (You know who you are.)

Being any of those things doesn't make anyone lovable. What makes you worthy of being loved is how much you love back. But of course I'm saying things that, in your heart, you know. All I can say is, you're an amazingly special person, just as you are.


Thank you. ♥
I have come to the conclusion that Mary Sue tests are useless. Most of the main characters in Yugioh would fail every Mary Sue test out there, and they are the canon everyone writes fanfic to fit into.

I actually came to this conclusion about the Mary Sue tests, though, after reading one of the better ones. One of the questions was "Is your character the same religion you are?" -- you lose points if they are.

But, you know, I could write a fairly decent Wiccan character, being one myself. I could write a decent Catholic character, having been raised as one. I doubt I could write a New York Yiddish Jewish character or a Middle Eastern Islamic one; I don't have the background. I'm not sure I could even pull off a mainline Protestant, there being some significant differences with Catholic thought, and I know a fundamentalist evangelical Christian would just descend into stereotype. Everything I've ever learned about creative writing says write what you know -- yet every Mary Sue test I've ever seen disses you and your character if you do this very thing. It was when I thought about this that I suddenly realized that you simply cannot write to formula -- and in the end that is what the Mary Sue tests are asking you to do.

Good writing is good writing. Bad writing is bad. A Mary Sue in the hands of an good writer isn't a Mary Sue, she's Scarlett O'Hara or Dorothy with the Ruby Slippers. And the least Suelike character in the hands of a bad writer is just plain insipid and boring, or worse.

I know you read P.G. Hodgell. Tell me, how would Jamethiel have passed that Mary Sue test? ...And that is the whole point I'm making -- written right, the character is fascinating, her story is gripping, and we want to take that journey with her, page after page, book after book.

Forget the tests. Write what you believe in. Write what you love.