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whatever happens

April 2017

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bring me that horizon

I am girly today! Seriously. My hip has worsened to the point where cutting my toenails on my right foot has gone from merely agonizingly painful to literally impossible. At the same time, Reflections, where I get my hair cut, finally got a cosmetologist! So today I went and got a haircut (Cara did her usual great job) and my very first pedicure. I loved the nail color so much, I decided impulsively to go ahead and get my first manicure, too! This is a pretty big step into girliness for me. Anyway, I now have pretty hair, and my (nice, short) toenails and beautifully shaped fingernails are a dark "hooker" red. Go me!


Girly good! But not if you have to hurt to get it. Is this the universe's way of forcing the issue? Not that you've ever not been girly inside, you know.

Here's a pretty song to make you feel even more girly, all ready for winter:

:) :)

That is a pretty song! And makes me want to get up and do a twirly dance - with a long fluttery gown swirling around my ankles, and my black locks flying about...

No wonder I write fantasy.
I must admit to forcing Wes to cut my toenails for me because I just cannot do it myself. Husbands have to be good for something, right? *snickers*

However, I've always wanted to get a real pedicure. I think that sounds like heaven, and the manicure is just the icing on the cake. And a haircut, too! I bet you're just girly-gorgeous!
I *loved* getting the pedi/manicures! I didn't think I would. I don't like people fussing over me, and yeah, I was a little uncomfortable (although Amber was breezy and fun, which helped), But it felt so good! And it still feels good.

Randi volunteered to cut my nails, but as long as I can afford it, I'll keep going to Amber. Both 'cures were only $35 total, before I added a tip.

The only drawback to the 'cures is that the nail color is a perfect blood-red, and I keep thinking I've injured myself if I just catch a glimpse. LOL!