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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

I went to the orthopedic surgeon today, Dr. Bucholz. I love the guy! He "got" my sense of humor, but was also blunt and honest, and answered all my questions. I got some very good news. No, not that I don't need the hip replacement. I do, and I'll probably go ahead with that next year. But I thought that years of limping had trashed my knees, since both hurt - the right one particularly hurts much worse than the hip. And I've been having all this back pain, so I thought I'd screwed that up. Well, no! My knees are great! Not a thing wrong with them! In fact, he said they're particularly healthy for someone my age. The pain in the knees is actually displaced pain, which is to say, it's really in my hip but is only felt in the knee.

He proved this to me in three ways. First, he said, "The pain is here and here. Right?" Me: "Yup!" Then he showed me the X-rays, which showed two beautifully unmarred knees. Then he manipulated my legs: "Does this hurt?" Me: "Nope." Dr. B: "That's working your knee. Now, lets add the hip." Me: "OUCH".

The back pain and leg cramps are all the same cause, too. There is a sheath of nerves that runs alongside that area, and they're connected to my back and both legs. My poor ol' hip really does look bad - the cartilage is almost all gone, and the head is distorted from being worn away.

When I get the hip replacement, it'll be the titanium head, which should last the rest of my life. Recovery time is surprisingly short, too. So now I only have to get over the anesthesia phobia.


Great news about those knees! :D :D Much less to worry about!

I share your phobia for anesthesia. I've gone under twice, and I was scared to death both times that I would never wake up again. Of course, the fear disappears once they give you the morphine (which I'm assuming is the drug the doctors assured me would help me "feel nice" before surgery).