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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

It's amazing how many things seem appealing to you when you're trying to procrastinate. Instead of writing, which is what I should be doing, I've done all my regular chores, plus swapped out my summer clothes for my winter ones. I've managed to put off what, honest-to-God, I want to do for 3 hours now. *sigh* Just for the record, writing really is hard work. It's more fun than what I've been doing, so the only conclusion is that I am insane.

An observation on friendship: folks, if you want to have a friend, you have to BE a friend. It's reciprocal. Any friendship which is not is doomed to wither. (No, by this I do not refer to my flist, my coworkers, or anyone else who will be reading this. This was inspired by someone outside this ring of folks.) Now, I'm not saying that the exchange must be equivalent (G, are you giggling?). Seriously, it is NOT tit for tat. My roomie says it's like building a bridge - each of you starts from one side of the gap and builds your part, and each of you builds at least 60%. The deeper the overlap, the stronger the friendship. It doesn't have to be an exchange in kind, either - in fact, if you exchange some different things as well as some similar, it's even better. (For example, my roomie and I share a love of animals, but I love movies and she loves crafts, two things we only share out of courtesy and mild mutual interest.) What's shared doesn't matter, and how much doesn't matter. But there must be mutual exchange. I was recently greeted by a "friend" (why is there no word for "an acquaintance of long standing who is almost but not quite a friend"?) who shares a love of writing with me, and I pretty much ignored her. Why? Because although I have listened, often and at length, to her accounts of her stories, never has she asked about or listened to mine. So... shrug. I like her. We get along great. But I don't call her a friend.

And as a codicile, a huge *HUG* to my friends who are reading this. I love you guys.


*laugh* I feel you completely on the bizarre procrastinating on things you genuinely enjoy. It's a strange thing. I'm a chronic procrastinator, and if I intend to get anything done at all, business, pleasure, or anything in between, I ALWAYS manage to find something else to do first to put it off! I guess I'm just afraid to do everything!

Also, good and true points on friendship. :)