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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Rocket is gone.

I don't know if I've ever mentioned Rocket here. We had three strays, long ago - Tsarina, Divette, and Rocket. We had them for 10 years or more, I think. Of the three, Rocket was the sweetest and most affectionate. The neighbors called her Velcro, because if you picked her up, she'd cling to you, but she'd cuddle, too. Every day, she'd sit at the edge of the driveway when we came home, and when the car stopped, she'd be up on the hood, getting warm and waiting to be loved. She's the only stray I've ever known who was as affectionate, sweet, and loving as any of our indoor cats.

But she was very old, and she was never in good health. I don't know what killed her, but my roomie found her today and buried her with all honors.

And our hearts are broken.


I couldn't imagine living my life without a critter or two by my side... the only problem is that, when they pass away, they leave a rather large hole in your heart.

I'm so sorry, sweetie.
Sorry to hear about Rocket.
I'm sorry.:(
I'm so sorry that you lost another furbaby. *hugs* I'm sure that you enriched her life as much as she enriched yours.
Oh no - Not again!

So much death this year......

*HUG* I'm so sorry. I hope her passing was peaceful.
I'm so sorry, DragonGirl.

We've had a horrible spate of deaths here recently. I haven't even written to anyone about them. Kevin and I have just silently grieved.

You know I know. And I know you know I know. I am sending lots of healing angels right now.

I came here to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but this is too sad.