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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

In the tradition of the holiday, if just a few days late, here are some things that I'm thankful for. In no particular order:

I am thankful for:

* My friends. Randi, of course, who is more like a sister, and Zora, Dana, Gale, and Sher, as well as Dark Star, Trellia, Laura, JessKat, Steph, and all my other wonderful online friends. I had to learn the lesson late in life that you've got to have friends (as the song says). Life is dull without them - and infinitely more difficult to get through.

* My parents. My dad and mom are, quite simply, the very best parents a person could ever hope for.

* My writing. In November, especially, I recall the pure joy, the soaring pleasure, of writing.

* The fact that I still have a decent job, and that it has once more become a place where I like to work.

* My knees being OK and that it will be possible, if not easy, to be pain-free by Christmas 2010.

and, on a lesser scale ~

* Disney doing traditional animation, the new Star Trek movie being out on DVD, the Lord of the Rings extended DVDs on my bookshelf, Fullmetal Alchemist getting a new anime life, and all the other wonderful things brought to life by creative people which are mine to enjoy.


This is a wonderful concept, and one that I was considering doing myself. I may follow your lead on this (and be even more tardy myself). :) So many things to be thankful for!
So cool an idea... I need to do this. I think my list is going to end up being all people.....
I'm so thankful that our paths crossed and we became firm friends. You've helped me in so many ways. ♥
*hugz!* ^.^ The feeling is very mutual, Kat! I give thanks for you every day!! :)

And I'm glad to hear your knees are doing better, and all the other great things going for ya! :)