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whatever happens

April 2017

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Thinking burns calories

I'm still girly. My fingernails are coral this week.

Just finished watching Star Trek (the recent movie) on DVD, this weekend. Terrific movie, even for a canon-worshipper like myself. Besides, Karl Urban as Bones is to die for.

I realized today that, in February of this year, my roomie and I had been friends for 40 years. My roomie said it made her feel like scrunching up, she felt so old. hee!

I'm reading the first book of a series, and loving it. It's "The Lightning Thief", in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It's a children's book, but that never stopped me!


Woo-hoo! Girly rules!

I drug my kid to Star Trek at the cheap seats, aka the second run theater. He was "Gee, mom, do I hafta?" "Yes, you hafta, because I really want to see it...." I don't know what he was expecting -- something boring and adult, I guess.

He loved it. Mom isn't such a stick in the mud after all. Mom may even like cool stuff. Maybe Mom actually knows what she's talking about once in a while.... (Yeah, he's becoming a preteen. Mom isn't going to know everything (anything) soon.... *sigh*)

He read The Lightning Thief last year -- I think it's the first book series he's actually gotten interested in and now he's rather interested in Greek Myth, and he has decided to change his SCA persona from late period French (based on watching The Three Musketeers a bunch of times when he was younger) to Greek. My kid, the only late period, foofy-hatted Greek, because I haven't had time to sew him new costuming for SCA -- oh, well, beats me having to learn how to sew slash-and-puff. I really didn't want to learn to sew late period costuming.....

He's really looking forward to the movie coming out -- I think it's scheduled for February....
I think it would be cool if Percy Jackson revives interest in the Greek myths amongst young people. The movie comes out Feb. 12th, according to IMDb. I need to watch the trailers.

Yeah, girly rules. We should lay some down.
Girlie rule #1: Girls make the rules.

Girlie rule #2: All your bishies belong to us.

Any ideas for #3?
LOL! None that are that good!
#3 Give us chocolate or give us death?
oooh, love!!

#4: Don't mess with PMS?

Well, it rhymes...
Yes! And:

#5 Give the menopausal woman whatever she wants, and no one gets hurt.....
LOL!! OK, lemme think...

#6: Real women don't diet?
I loved the Star Trek movie too! I actually started tearing up at the end when Leonard Nimoy recited the classic lines... My one complaint-- and it was major nitpicking on my part-- was that the new young Kirk's eyes were bright blue, while Shatner's eyes were brown/hazel/grey (some websites say grey). That actually distracted me to the point where I had trouble seeing the character in the new actor!
I would have said hazel, but most websites say grey. I hate to admit it, but I didn't even notice the color of Chris Pine's eyes. heh.