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whatever happens

April 2017

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*sigh* What a week.

* It rained again. More days of trudging through the mud and taking painkillers that don't really help much.

* I saw the doctor yesterday because I still have pain in the foot I sprained back in late Sept/early Oct. It turns out I have posterior tibial tendonitis. The cure, according to my doc (who really is good, despite my bitching here) is anti-inflammatories (already proven ineffective), very expensive orthotic insoles, physical therapy (also expensive), and/or surgery if nothing else works. Guess I'll just learn to live with that pain, too.

* The Buick broke down again. This time, it seems, something fell off the power steering box. Cost will be at least $300, and it'll take 3 days to fix. Since my roomie had to be picked up and I couldn't afford to miss any more days of work (due to work volume, not lack of vacation days), I figured we'd better trot out the Honda. It went wonky a couple of months ago - the locks kept locking and unlocking - and the battery was drained, so I tried to get a jump. Ha. Not so simple. It needed a new distributor. $275. We couldn't fix both, but the Honda could be done in one day, so I'm driving the Honda now, and the Buick will have to wait until my tax refund.

I'm trying to find something good in all this. I'm a silver lining sort of person. But you know, I just can't today.


*HUGSHUGS* I'm sorry you're having so much bad luck! Particularly sorry to hear about your foot. I wish there was something I could do to help. You're my second friend in the past week with new, painful medical problems. :-(

I know it's not much of a consolation, but I'm gonna be shipping your birthday/xmas present in a few days. I think it'll make you smile for at least a little while. :-)


Sometimes it really is almost impossible to find that something good. Don't I know it.
Uh .... the rain is not snow?

The Honda will come back to life??

Uh ... okay, forget that. Go back to bed and drink hot chocolate. There is no silver lining. There is only rain, pain, and no gain.....

But there is always hot chocolate.....
Sorry to hear - but at least things will have to get better, right?

I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it's right to have to live with the pain - I sprained my ankle in June, and I gave myself several months before I started to work hard on it again. Ask your doctor if there's a way you can strengthen your leg or something that you can do to help it.
I am truly sorry that you're having so many troubles right now. *many hugs* I wish I could magically whisk away the mud, the pain, and the financial woes.

As you know, I'm not particularly a silver lining sort of person, but I do think that sometimes, the silver lining is not readily apparent and you have to wait for it. I hope that's true in this case - but in the meantime, take care of yourself. *hugs again*

*HUG* Some more eloquent responses made it here first, but I can still come in with a good hug.
Bad news comes in threes, right? Well, you've had your spell of bad luck so; surely, only good occurrences can follow. I'm sending good vibes in your direction, sweetie.
Aw, man. When it rains...well, you know.

I know the Buick is all luxurious and stuff. But if you want a reliable car, stick with that Honda! (Did I tell you I got a CR-V? After driving my wee Civic for 18 years? I finally just got too old and creaky for it.)

I can relate to the foot pain, too, Poor Baby! Healing vibes...or at least warm compresses....