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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Wow... I just discovered that I have owned my MP3 player, a Creative Vision M, since July 2006. In that time, I have used it almost daily, carrying it back and forth to work. Doing the same to my iPod killed three of those disaster machines (within a year!), but the Creative one just keeps on ticking. I have had to do a reset three times, but guess what? I didn't have to send it to Creative, as I had to send the iPod to Apple - I just stuck a paperclip (and, on one occasion, at the train station, an obliging lady's earring) into the reset hole and, ta-dah! I've dropped the thing several times, sometimes from a height of 3' or more. And almost 4 years later, it still works like a charm.

I've probably jinxed myself.

I'm considerably less happy with Creative since they forced the awful software, Centrale, on me for my smaller MP3 player, but still, I have to admit, the Vision M has done great by me.



We own the same MP3 player! I've had my Creative Vision M for almost five years and it still works like a charm, despite the fact that I use (and abuse) it on a daily basis. I'd never buy an iPod because, as you said yourself, many of my friends have gone through several iPods in the time that I've had my Creative.
I'm embarrassed to admit that I STILL have not taken the time to really get my Sansa Fuze going, but I've played with it a little bit and it seems pretty good. :)