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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

Snow in Texas! Of course, there is snow all over the US, in every state but Hawaii. Wow. Even zora113 got to have a snowball fight! We got about 8" or so.

I snapped a few pics on my way out to the barn this morning. I'm glad I took them early, because the snow is already melting swiftly away. If you want to see, I posted them at http://www.dragonfare.com/Snow2010.html.


Soooo beautiful!! :D Nice to "meet" your horses, I don't think I've ever seen pics before!

Here in Florida, all we get is miserable miserable weather, that makes me not even want to get out of bed. lol!

Today the sun peeked through the clouds a bit, and I was almost beside myself with joy!
From Zora113's journal: "...I think it's kind of proof that the world has lost its mind when there's real snow on the Barrier Islands of South Carolina, but Vancouver, Canada is having to manufacture it for the Olympics because there isn't enough!"

Gah -- couldn't've said it better myself!
So pretty. I like how the black horse is looking at you like, "What are you lookin at?" lol.
As for the whole hoopla about the snow. I find it funny. Especially since growing up in Canada for like 17 years, pfft, snow is nothing to me.
Although I admit having been in AZ for like 3 years, I have been spoiled rotten. I no longer can tolerate the cold anymore and had a rude awakening when visiting Canada at Xmas. I am such a wimp now. XD
Texas has an uncanny resemblance to England at the moment!