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whatever happens

April 2017

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strength - peter

I honestly haven't died, folks, although sometimes I feel as if I want to. But every weekday, after my 4+ hours of commute and 9-hour workday, I come home and drag myself through mud, slick and/or suckmucky, get back in around 7:45, cram down some dinner, feed the dogs and bird, play mindless games for half an hour while I wait for my roomie to shower and then the hot water heater to cook up enough for me to do the same, crawl into bed around 10-11-ish, get up at 4:00 AM, and start all over again. And I do not have a low-pressure, easy job, either. Then on Saturday I spend the day - after dragging through the mud before breakfast - essentially sitting before the TV, twitching with fatique. Sunday I have all my weekly chores to do - cooking, laundry, etc. In between all that I have to fit in my few pleasures, and a little writing if I can. And I'm in chronic pain while I'm doing all this. I honestly will become a better friend, or at least a more "there" friend! - when it stops raining every week. My pain level will come way down then, and I'll be able to focus more and do what I need/want to do.

I am, however, managing to feed my Karl Urban obsession on Saturdays. Which gleeful, drooling comments I shall put under a cut for the sake of those who don't give a darn.

I've been watching Karl in some Hercules and Xena episodes, which really show his range. As Cupid, he's like a silly teenaged boy, cute as can be, but one who calls Olympus "cool" and sullenly tells his mom to let him have his own life. As Julius Caesar... my God, what a role for him! He looks proud, straight, handsome, intelligent, noble, and even sweet, and he's actually a completely, even shockingly ruthless and merciless badass. I also saw him as Mael, a bad guy who was so jealous of his little brother that he tried to trick his dad into pulling an Abraham and Isaac (the characters being rather cutely called Anteus and Icus), and he was just plain creepy.

I find it rather cool the way he "disappears" into his characters. He's not a great actor, certainly, although he's very good, but he has an incredible knack for getting himself out of the way and becoming the character. He is almost unrecognizable if you move from Mael to Cupid to Caesar to Eomer to Dr. McCoy, for examples.

This quality makes him perfect for his role as an "everyman" in Out of the Blue. The movie is based on the Aramoana massacre, and is pretty true to the facts of the incident. I had never heard of this tragedy, a mass shooting spree in a tiny New Zealand town. It's heartbreaking. The movie is unusual in that it has no music and begins in an "artsy" fashion (which turned me off at first, but proved effective over the course of the film), and while I can't say I enjoyed it, exactly (it hurt too much for that), it was an excellent film. And Karl was, of course, his usual excellent self, fading right into the character of a small-town cop who just can't cope with this enormous event.

OK, I'll quit now. This being Saturday, I've watched Princess Diaries 2, Out of the Blue, and an episode of "Botswana" (as my roomie calls it) aka The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I am now in the middle of part 1 of Lonesome Dove, and I'm going back to it.


You're an Urbanite! Yay!!

Ghost Ship and Doom weren't bad movies for what they were, but still, I was beginning to think, as I reordered my Netflix queue, "Another movie I won't like, just for Karl." I guess you haven't seen Pathfinder, or you'd probably have mentioned that. It, too, was OK for what it was, but happened to be in a genre and style I dislike, so *shudder*. But it was Karl nearly naked, so I had to watch.

However, Out of the Blue was a fine film, Comanche Moon was good, and of course Lord of the Rings and Star Trek were terrific, so I guess he's moving up to movies that he deserves!
I'm really sorry you're having such a tough time right now. *hugs* I hope for your sake that it stops raining soon. I know that I'm far, far away, but let me know if/when there's anything that I can do to make your life easier/more amusing. Just keep on doing what you have to do, and take good care of yourself, because you have to be your priority right now. *hugs again*
And now I'm SICK, on top of it.

But you promised me a story, and that lightens my mood a lot.
Jeez, you're not catching a break here, are you?

The story is in your inbox. :)
You deserve a medal... or a vacation! I hope you're taking care of yourself, Kat.