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whatever happens

April 2017

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Thinking burns calories

This seems to be my day for political reading. I started out with an interesting article about the economic underpinnings of autocracies and democracies. I particularly liked the author's concept of "roving bandits" and "stationary bandits" - I'm inclined to think our government feels like the latter at times. Anyway, the author links long-term thinking, secure property ownership, and the assurance of contracts being consistently and fairly upheld to the evolution of autocracies and democracies. Pretty interesting stuff, especially for a writer. Right after that I read an opinion article, the opinion being that the paralysis of our government is partly due to the "sludge" of laws and regulations; the writer suggests that for certain issues, such as health care, a clean sweep and rewrite of regulations would make the feds actually be able to do something.

So I had an intellectual sort of lunch...

On a totally frivolous note now, I saw a Karl-Urban-in-Xena scene that I thought was so cool. Caesar and Pompey were fighting each other, and Xena was trying to get them to take their armies out of Greece and back to Rome. As part of her plot, she lured them into a meeting, and the three of them got dropped into a tunnel. The cool thing was that it was a 3-way fight - Pompey and Caesar trying to kill each other, both trying to kill Xena, and Xena toying with them. The fight choreography was well done even for Xena, and I loved both the idea and the execution.

Going away to nurse my cough now.