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whatever happens

April 2017

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hard journey

Argh. What a weekend.

Friday there was bad traffic and I spent an extra hour on the road. Then I had grocery shopping, so I didn't get home until 9, and it was straight out to do the horses, so I was freaking exhausted. Saturday I had to get up early-ish and take Molly to the vet. She'll be OK - she has intestinal parasites and she'll need oral surgery on Tuesday for a bad molar. But MAN, the bill for all of it is $470! Animals are expensive! Truly, my vet's prices are high, but she's so good, I won't change. A big part of it is that, just to be safe, I ordered blood work in addition to the regular exam stuff. And the oral surgery is $222 all by itself.

After I brought Molly home, I grabbed a quick lunch and then went to get my pedicure. Bliss. My toenails were so long, I was having trouble wearing shoes comfortably, and I spend most of my time in Crocs. But now they're short and cute again, and I am happy. I went ahead with the manicure, and this time, on impulse, I had my nails painted light blue. They're cute. Yeah, probably not appropriate for a working woman who's almost 60, but I don't care. I like them. Next time I might try the dark blue.

But that's why I didn't post anything yesterday - I was exhausted and the day was pretty much gone.

Today was better. I felt pretty good. Without all the mud - we've had two days in a row of almost completely dry walking! - my back and leg didn't hurt, so doing my chores was pretty easy.


Never have to make excuses for me for not posting - I perpetually don't have my shit together these days. I'm just always glad to read you posts when they do show up since I miss you and can't seem to manage to get to chat. By the time I'm settled at night, it's always at least 9:00. :-(

Sorry Molly is having trouble. I'm glad she's going to be okay tho.

I also wanted to post to tell you how lovely the snow looked around your house. Beautiful pictures!

Youth Without Youth

You paint your nails whatever color you like! What color IS appropriate for a working woman who's almost 60? Beige? Or, if you're feeling adventurous, eggshell? You're never too old for bright colors. Sensible shades are boring :-)