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whatever happens

April 2017

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stitch with ducks

Well, I've rescued another dog. Sorta.

My roomie and I both knew that I would have to replace Molly as soon as possible. Otherwise I'd just go around the house, crying everytime I saw - well, pretty much anything. Molly had woven herself that completely into my home life. I knew I would love to have another long-haired dachshund, like Pearl, so I had planned to wait until I could find one that would be affordable, and I knew I didn't want a puppy, but a grown dog, and a female.

However, I couldn't pick up the phone and talk to anyone, because every time I mentioned Molly in any way, I'd become sobbing-incoherent. So my roomie took things into her own hands and called our vet. She asked Trish if she knew anyone who had long-haired dachshunds, and it turned out that one of the women who works for Trish had some. This lady, Linda, recently took over a bunch of breeding dachshunds from a lady she knew who was very sick and could no longer handle them, but Linda herself isn't well, so she was trying to find homes for some. The only long-haired one she had was a 2-year-old female, named Paris, and Paris was free to a good home. My vet vouched for us, of course, and Friday night we picked up Paris at the Wal Mart in Commerce, about 40 minutes from our house.

We fell in love with her the minute we saw her. She's younger than 2, I think - maybe even younger than 1, because she has a lot of puppy traits. She's not housebroken or leash broken. However, she's sweet and gentle and beautiful. My roomie was nice enough to do the drive home, despite the fact that it was late at night and she's a morning person, so I held Paris in my lap all the way home. By the time we were about 3/4 of the way home, Paris had stopped trembling and was clinging to me, her face stuck to my neck, and occasionally looking around.

She's adjusted very well to our house, and Pearl accepted her without a blink. Paris is a needy little thing, anxious when I leave the room, and she'll follow me anywhere and everywhere (although she's not trained to come, either - arg). We have to teach her not to pee in the house, that she won't be a lap dog, and that she won't get table scraps, but otherwise she's a perfect little baby girl. I hope I can get a picture of her begging for scraps - she sits bolt upright, like a rabbit, forepaws folded neatly on her chest, and looks at me with expectant pleasure. Every time I pet her, she jumps for joy and paws at my leg for more.

She won't replace Molly. Nobody ever will. Molly was so special, and I still miss her and cry over her a lot. But at least, with Paris in the house, I don't look at empty corners and cry, and I have a dog I can reach down and pet and love. Paris even loves to be picked up and carried around, her face against my neck or cheek.

Pictures will come soon.

Hm. I just discovered that Paris will eat napkins. Great.


She won't replace Molly. Nobody ever will.

Of course not. Our pets become our friends, after all. If a friend passes away, you can never replace them, but you can find new friends to share your life with. I know that you and Paris will learning to love each other very quickly!
Your roommate is a Goddess to do this for you!

I am so glad you have gotten another dog to love. Of course she won't replace Molly -- but she'll be her own personality, with her own love to give, and that's what counts. You'll make new memories....
Congratulations on the new "baby"! ;)
Awwwww! I LOVE dachsies! And the LONG haired ones are the CUTEST! What color is she? Pictures! Hurry!