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whatever happens

April 2017

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where's the rum

I am re-reading all the Percy Jackson books in prep for jumping into The Last Olympian - I love seeing foreshadowing when I know what's coming, since most of the time I miss it, so a re-read always helps me.

In The Sea of Monsters, however, Riordan made two errors with the sex of horses, and I'm so twitchy about it, I had to vent somewhere. (I'm not mad - authors get to make mistakes! Just twitchy.)

1) When the hippocampi appear, he describes them as three white stallions. Ahem. Rick, with only the top half of the hippocampi above the water (since the fish tails aren't visible at that point), how did you know the sex? And even after the fish tails appear, I doubt that they'd retain their horsey "equipment" there, but be more like fish, i.e. sexless to the naked eye.

2) The black pegasus that Percy rescues from Luke on the Princess Andromeda is specifically called a mare. But Blackjack, who loves Percy for rescuing him, is a stallion.

Note to Rick's editor and copy editor: You two have some 'splaining to do.


I noticed the inconsistency with Blackjack and wondered how such an obvious error ever got by the continuity editors, but I like the character so much and now can't even imagine he being a she that I let it go.

Didn't even think about the Hippocampi, but, great point! I guess they just LOOKED male? Certain animals do.

The Last Olympian is a huge pay-off to four books of set up. I enjoyed it immensely and the ending made me want to watch Disney's Hercules again! You'll have to be sure to tell me what you think.
Awww! She's so pretty!

Does she know her name? There's no reason you can't change it. She's smart, and you might have something in mind that she likes better. :)
I'll have to ponder that. I might. She's pretty young still, so she might learn a new name. But the only one I can think of is Kiwi, which is equally stupid.