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whatever happens

April 2017

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where's the rum

Total randomness today.

Last Friday, for the first time that I can remember since late September, we had a seven-day forecast without any rain in it. That changed, of course, by the next day. But for one glorious day we had a rain-free forecast.

It's not so bad going out to the barn now, and I'm feeling much better, physically. Yay!

I'm finally reading The Last Olympian, and I'm a bit more than halfway through.
I'm really upset that Beckendorf died! I was upset when Lee Fletcher died (in the previous book), but Beckendorf was worse. *sniff* I'm at the part now where Manhattan is being invaded and Percy just wiped out a flying pink pig. Now I'm going to go out on a limb and say something that might get me laughed at - I have hope for Luke. I always have. I couldn't see how a guy who took such good care of Thalia and Annabeth could go completely over to the dark side, and I've been hoping/expecting in every book that he'd come back to the light. Obviously, I've had a lot of disappointments. But now I read that he's fighting Kronos, and there have been a lot of flashbacks of his earlier life, so my hope remains that those things are foreshadowings that Luke will become a good guy at the end. Of course, he'll probably end up dead, too, but that's better than evil. I've always liked him, but then, I'm weird - I also like Ares and Hades. Percy would think I'm crazy. hee. BTW, any Percy Jackson readers who want to spoil me on Luke's fate, please do. I won't look it up because I don't want to be spoiled on anything else.

And to cap my silliness:

The Top Ten Reasons Why I Enjoy Having a Fanfic Alter-ego ~
10 - She doesn't have to be blonde, blue-eyed, old, and/or fat.
9 - She never gets zits, and if she has a mole, it's in a sexy place.
8 - Even on a bad hair day, she's attractive, cute, or appealing.
7 - Her nose doesn't turn red when she cries, and it only runs if I need the hero to give her a handkerchief.
6 - She can do anything I want her to: swordfight, play the piano, seduce spies, etc.
5 - She gets to have all those skills and talents with all the hard work and practice being done in a few sentences.
4 - She always has at least one friend or family member who thinks she's the greatest.
3 - She's my "door" into any world.
2 - What she does makes a difference to somebody, somewhere.
and #1 - She always gets the guy.


My god! I love your top ten! I may steal it....!

And let's hear it for the rain quitting -- even if it's only for a day... :)
OMG yes, I love the series! I love the concept and the characters, and the writing is very good as well.