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whatever happens

April 2017

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where's the rum

Final Fantasy XIII came out recently, so although I won't be able to afford a PS3 until around October or November, I thought I'd check out the prices. *blink* They're, like, really hard to find. I would have thought Sony would catch up with the demand by this time. Sheesh.

On a more cheerful note, I'm almost finished The Last Olympian -

and I was right about Luke! Yay! When Percy learned that he was not "the hero", I wondered if it would be Luke. zora113, you were right, it's a satisfying ending - and I still have a chapter to go. But Percy turning down immortality and forcing the gods to acknowledge their children and the lesser gods was so perfect. And so much like Percy. His "voice" is such a modest one, but he's one of the best and noblest heroes ever.


I think you're right about holding back on Luke - I got all the suspense of hoping/waiting through the struggle. (There I am, driving down the road going, "Come on, Luke! You can do it! Oh, no - eep! Not that! But you have to and you know it. Waaaaahhhh!" See, I always liked him. All through the times he was rotten, I kept looking for the good in him.

With the new prophecy, I thought Riordan left it open for Percy and the gang to come back. I can't imagine he's done with them. I know he's writing another book in the series, but I haven't heard if Percy will be the main character again. I hope so. And yes, I loved the ending, and the Percy/Grover conversation, too. But most of all, I loved Percy's wisdom in choosing a real life, and Annabeth, over immortality. I believe that Riordan set it up well by bringing in the Hunters, because Percy had time to think on that very subject, since he thought Annabeth might join them.

I love Harry, don't get me wrong, but to me, Percy is the better hero, just for the reasons you list.

And lets schedule a chat soon, before I forget everything!!!