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whatever happens

April 2017

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want to kill the monkey

Weird day today.

I woke up after almost 11 hours sleep (gak!) to be told by my roomie that Elphie and Kita, our German shepherds, had escaped from the yard. For the next hour or so, we drove all over the place looking for them. We finally found them in a field near some woods, more than a mile from the house. After we brought them back home (thank you God), we then spent another hour going all around the house fixing the places where, over the past couple of days, they have found ways to get under the house, as well as fixing places they hadn't yet discovered. (They got out by getting under the house and then breaking through the barrier at the side of the porch. Rotten little shits.)

Then my roomie and I ate lunch and watched The Princess and the Frog. After that, I was so sore and tired that I went back to bed!! I napped right up until time to go feed the horses, so, whoosh, a whole day down the tubes.

Oh well. Since the dogs did cross the highway, I guess I should be grateful we got them back, and stop complaining.

Just by the way, do any of you on my flist like Celtic Woman as much as I do?


I was starting to wonder if you still had Elphie and Kita, since you don't mention 'em much... aww, only when they're brats, huh? ;) hehehe just kiddin. :)
Of course we still have them! We love our puppy-wuppies. *g*
Celtic Woman! YESSSSSS!!
(I love their version of Walking in the Air.)

Glad your puppies survived their adventure. BAD pups!
Walking in the Air is so beautiful!! Heck, I even like their version of Danny Boy, which is a song I've been sick of for about 40 years!

I knew you would know and like them, though. Because you're cool like that. :)