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whatever happens

April 2017

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whatever happens

For some reason, I've really kicked myself into gear the last week or so, and I've spent most of my spare time working on getting my two completed Regency romances out into the world. Here's where they stand:

"The Lazy Bachelor"
Edits: My editing is done, and a copy is in the hands of my roomie. She'll read it over this coming weekend.
ebook: Once my roomie is done, I'll send it to my ebook publisher. It will be a few months before the ebook is ready, because they are strict editors and they have a lot of submissions. I should move along faster since my first Regency is with them, so they know that I don't need heavy edits.
Print book: Once the ebook has its final edit, I'll use that for the print book with Lulu. I've done the cover, making it similar to the one for "Mr. Harding Proposes", gotten the ISBN, and pretty much done everything I need to do except put the final version into the cover, look over the review copy, and give the thumbs up for it to go on sale.

"Cecilia and the Rake"
Edits: I'm still working on my edit before I give it to my roomie.
ebook: The same as above.
Print book: Ditto.

I spent a little time digging around until I found a bunch of unfinished Regencies, and I'll start putting those together later. But first I want to get back to fantasy. I would really like to have a final draft of "Redhand" done and finish the second Redhand book before November, as I want to do a third one for this year's Nano.

I've been updating my sites, and one reason I'm making this push - besides the fact that I'm having a great time! - is that an author's site looks pretty silly with only one book on it!

As for "Prelude", two chapters are in TianNing's hands now.


Is that Mr. Darcy in your icon? <3
It certainly is! I thought it would be appropriate. :)
Just finished reading "Mr. Harding Proposes" (in one sitting, no less!) and I loved it :) Much looking forward to seeing the next ones!
Wow! Thank you!!! eeeee!!
You go, girl! So industrious! No wonder you haven't answered my email. *hides*
ROFL!! And I still haven't gotten past ep 36 in FMA:B, either!
Clearly, we need to get your priorities in their proper place. *g*
We do, indeed.
Yes!!! Does the happy dance!!!