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whatever happens

April 2017

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We have had two beautiful days in a row here. It hasn't rained in a week or more, and there is no rain in the immediate forecast. The ground to the barn is rough, but there's no mud(!), and the horses have grass to munch on. All are happy here!

The thing I love best about Texas at this time of year is the profusion of wildflowers that spring up. There is such a wealth of beauty scattered all around us. Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush carpet the sides of the roads, canvases of a subtle blue wash splashed with red. Our field is lush with clover dotted with tiny yellow flowers, with bright yellow buttercups leaping out in slender bunches. Along the paths where the clover is not so high, a flower like a lavender star peeks out close to the ground, and all around the house are white, long-petaled flowers that demurely close as the sun sets. In addition to the wildflowers, the trees are budding out in that brilliant green only seen in springtime. Delicate beauty is all around us.

I created two new LJs for my writer personas, so I won't be troubling my flist with babble about my writing any more! Which, given my focus lately, might mean this LJ will be pretty quiet. *sweatdrop*


I don't mind the writing babble. Heaven knows I more than babble about it on mine!

I've been down to Dallas twice, and only got to enjoy the farmland in June and October.
awww, that's too bad. If you must come to this area, then come in early April for the bluebonnets!

If you still want the writing babble, my two new LJs are catherinedove and kathytrueman. If you friend those two, I'll be thrilled, but if you don't, I certainly won't be offended!
LJ is not finding them for me... :(

Could you post the link to both??
That's weird. They came up for me. Anyway, I'd be *delighted* to post the links. They are:

First of all, I love, love, love your descriptive writing. You do all too little of it. (And that's not a criticism in any way - I love your character development and action scenes, too, but this was something quite different for you. I could see it. *^^*)

Secondly, I am totally friending your writing journals. I don't want to miss a thing!

Thirdly, sorry to be so late in responding. It's been a hectic week. ^^;;