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whatever happens

April 2017

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smile makes people wonder

I've been having fun lately. I spent my money this month on some fun stuff. For one, I got a bio of Georgette Heyer, which is a really good one. For another, I got season one of both Magnum P.I. and Airwolf. Magnum is fun, and I'm enjoying it, but I had forgotten how good Airwolf was! Better than I remembered, really. I won't go past S1 on Airwolf, as beginning in S2 they added a female character - I liked her, don't get me wrong, but to fit her in, they cut the part of my favorite character, Archangel. I'm not sure if I'll add to my Magnum collection, but I might, because I don't recall the quality of that show falling off for several seasons. Anyway, guess what I did this weekend instead of writing...


Was searching lj for Airwolf, and happened to spot your post. I'm an Archangel fan, too! FYI - almost all of the episodes are on Hulu.
COOL! I love to find Airwolf fans. Love the icon, too.

I've never been to Hulu. Obviously I should go!

What prompted you to be searching LJ for Airwolf on this day? Just wondering.
Yeah, I like the icon, too. :)

Hulu has all the episodes (including the dread 4th season) except for a handful - from what I've heard, it has to do with rights to the music.

As to why I was looking for Airwolf - I'm always on the lookout for Airwolf fanfic. Unfortunately there isn't much on the net, and there's even less on LJ.
Uh oh, now you've done it, debirlfan. There will be AirWolf Fanfic!

Just as soon as I finish the Prelude 28 comments. I worked on it this weekend! Yay! But it's LOOOOOONG. And fun!!
LOL! Naw, I did Airwolf fanfic long ago, so that's all out of my system.

But yay for Prelude! However, it'll be hard for me to drag my head out of the Regency period and continue that one. eep. Can you imagine Vicious and Spike talking like Regency English gentlemen?
Airwolf fanfic? Great! Keep me posted!