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whatever happens

April 2017

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bad day

How very odd. Three people have recently added me to their "favorite authors" lists on ff.net. They must know each other or something, because there hasn't been any interest in my stuff, except, very occasionally, Prelude for a long long time. But it did make my day happier.

It's the only thing that does at the moment. My car is dead for the moment. We replaced the battery, and now the starter, but neither has done the job. And I'm supposed to do something highly unusual and go visit a friend tomorrow!! ARGGGH. Not to mention we have no money.


I'm sorry about your car. Very few things are more frustrating to me than a car that isn't working right. It's one of those things that just needs to work!

I really miss chatting with you... I've been thinking about it all the time lately. We HAVE to try to find a time that works for us. At least once a week. You're still the only person I know who loves talking about things as much as I do. :-)

I really would like to find a time that would work. During the week really sucks for me, because my evenings are pretty well shot by the time I feed the horses, especially during the summer. But if you can find a time on the weekend - that's not *too* early in the morning - then I'll *make* the time to talk to you!
Isn't it fun to get one of those little messages that someone has "favorited" (not a verb, I know, I know) your stories or YOU? It always makes ME feel good, especially since, you know, I don't have a whole lot of confidence in my writing ability.

I hope things start looking up for you soon. :{
I have plenty of faith in my writing ability - which isn't to say I think I'm great, only that I'm aware that I'm pretty good. But that doesn't stop me from getting a *huge* boost to my mood when I get favorited. So, yeah, it's more than just fun.
Oh, no!

Cars = stress....