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whatever happens

April 2017

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can't take the sky

Elphie and Kita are home! They visited a neighbor, and he knows us - he used to work in the garage we use. He found me when I was driving around looking for them, and his wife and daughter were tempting them to stay there until I could be found. Boy, you never saw two dogs more eager to jump into a car! Or run into a yard! They both seem a bit dazed, but hopefully some food and fresh water will eventually settle them down.


Oh, I'm SO glad! I guess all those good vibes from all over helped - along with the kindness of your neighbors. *big hugs all around*
Thank all the powers of heaven! :D
And all the powers of the good thoughts and prayers of my friends.
Oh, I'm so happy for you!! So glad to hear good news from someone I care about. I've been thinking about them and you ever since your first post.

Give them big hugs for me!
*hugh sigh of relief*

How are they doing? :)
They're fine! They seemed a bit traumatized, and they didn't start acting normal until the evening, but they got over it by the end of the evening.
HOLY COW. I leave you alone for a few days, and look what happens!

I AM SO HAPPY THEY'RE HOME! What a relief. BAD doggies! BAD! No donut!

Kita and Elphie: "No donut? But... that's cruel and unusual punishment!"