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whatever happens

April 2017

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want to kill the monkey

In my seemingly never-ending quest to find a way to eat healthy, I have started two new things.
1) Don't make faces or get grossed out, folks. I actually like this. I mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a half teaspoon of honey in 6 ounces of warm water and drink it before lunch and dinner. It's great for the digestion and cuts the appetite.
2) I normally have brown rice or macaroni and cheese with my protein for dinner, but I've found a way to eat greener. I've been held back from salads because I only shop every two weeks, but finally it occurred to me - salads in week one, frozen veggies in week two. I confess to getting veggies that have an Italian dressing, but I also have brussels sprouts (which I love), so they should balance.

Swooping into another tack, I watched two movies recently that I'm going to comment on. The first, Peter Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, was one that I was looking forward to, and the second, Appaloosa, was one I didn't expect to like. Wrong!

The Lightning Thief was a fine movie - if you haven't read the book. It was fun, full of action, and had a terrific cast. The sfx were not the best quality, which was a shame, but I can live with that. Had I never read the book, I would probably have loved it. However... my God, they butchered the book. They did it so badly that they will have a difficult time filming any more of them. They altered the plot almost beyond recognition, keeping only the basic premise. Camp Half Blood was a bitter disappointment. Annabeth was a brunette warrior queen - I think they stuffed Clarice's character into hers. And Grover! My God, he was not Grover, not in personality and not in character. He wasn't even able to tell Percy a simple mythological fact. WTF? Whoever the scriptwriter was, I say, "Did you even read the f*ckin' book??" For those of you not familiar with Percy, watch the movie first. You'll probably like it. But then do yourself the favor of reading the book. It's great.

I thought Appaloosa was going to be a Western along the lines of The Unforgiven (which was a good movie, but not one I enjoyed watching). But it has such a cast - Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Jeremy Irons, and Renee Zellweger! - that I decided I had to try it. Well, I loved it! It's a low-key movie, much like Lonesome Dove only more enjoyable, with the main theme, as in LD, being the friendship between two lawmen who have been working together for many years. But the characters are original, quirky, sometimes grim and sometimes funny (although not by their own intent). The story is fairly standard, although it does take a twist or two, but it was a pure delight to sit and watch. I think it may go down as my favorite Viggo movie after LotR.


I'm back to battling the old weight myself. I gained 4 pounds in June and I'm just furious with myself because I deserve every single one of them. I've got to do better... I'm on board with the honey... but I'm just not sure about the vinegar. *makes said face*

I was so disappointed with the Percy Jackson movie I can barely even talk about it because it makes me so angry. Those books were so well written, there was NO REASON to change hardly anything about them. And all the humor was already built in! The thing that got the most laughs in our theater was not Not!Grover's stupid antics and horn-dogging, but rather the fact that the Entrance to the Underworld was in LA. Which is from the books! ARGH. And I can't even talk about Annabeth. It doesn't make any kind of sense that they screwed this movie up so badly. All they did was piss off all the fans, who now won't buy the DVD and rendered a sequel impossible. What a wasted opportunity.

We do have to warn kids/parents who come in that if they're only seen the movie that they'll have to start over with Book 1 to read the series. >:P

Guess I have a lot to say about it actually. X-D
And one more thing... two teenagers flying around, battling with what is called "the most powerful weapon in the universe"? Two demigods?? NOT.

Lord. I have to stop gnawing on this.

My roomie is going to watch the movie, and THEN she is going to read the book. She wants to see the movie, and I told her she'll enjoy it a lot more if she doesn't know the book at all.