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whatever happens

April 2017

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i walk alone

Ah, the Bard...! Every once in a while I love to wallow in Shakespeare. Kenneth Branagh (I kiss his hands) has done some wonderful Shakespeare films. Last weekend I watched Much Ado About Nothing. (Branagh is brilliant in his casting, too - that movie has Denzel Washington and Keanu Reeves. Yes, really.) I followed that with some light stuff, Speed and Jurassic Park III, and then wrapped up my weekend viewing with Henry V. I finally got around to buying Branagh's Hamlet, which has the full text of the play, every word. This is a treat for me, because my favorite line ("What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba, That he should weep for her?") is usually cut from the play otherwise. Not only that, but Branagh casts Derek Jacobi - the only actor who has ever been able to allow me to understand Hamlet (the character, not the play) - as Claudius. I am so in awe, and I'm just soooo enjoying myself. It's like a huge box of chocolates.

On the down side, the AC will take $600 to repair, so I guess I'll be driving with 465 AC (4 windows rolled down, 65 mph) this year.

On the up and down side, I'll be seriously planning for my hip replacement. I hope to do it in October. I will expect all of you to prrrraaaayyyy for me!! It's funny - I'm not sure anyone will understand this - but my phobia of general anesthesia is not a fear of dying, but of not waking up. I'm weird, but I do not want to die in my sleep. I want to be awake and see it coming. Seriously, though, I'm not trying to be gloomy! The money will be a problem, and so will the phobia, not to mention how the heck my roomie will manage while I'm laid up for weeks, but I'll be rid of this constant, horrible pain at last. Got to love that.


Wallowing in Shakespeare is a very nice thing to do, indeed. :}

I wish I had $600 to give you. I really hate the thoughts of you not having AC in your car.

You will fly through the anesthesia with no problems. You won't know a thing until you wake up ... and you will wake up.
Speaking of the great Bard, I recently got my David Tennant fix by watching the Royal Shakespeare Company's most recent production of Hamlet starring him in the title role and Patrick Stewart as Claudius. I may be incredibly bias towards both of those actors (especially David, who I just find so magnetically attractive), but I thought it was outstanding. And it does include your favorite line! (altho, it cuts some of the stuff with Fortinbras). It has a spin that feels modern and old at the same time and David is an incredibly physical Hamlet - much more than anyone I've ever seen and a way of speaking the dialogue with modern cadences that's pretty much awesome. I would definitely recommend it!

I've never seen the Branagh version, but I know many, many people who consider it definite.

I'm sorry about your AC. Why, why, why does everything have to be so expensive?

You know I'll fret and worry and pray about you through the whole ordeal. Surgery terrifies me, but the relief it brings from pain makes it worth all the misgivings. *HUGSHUGS*
WHEEE! Something else for me to watch! I didn't know David did Hamlet. Must see!!! *runs off NOW to see if it's on Netflix* There! It is! Added!

The Branagh version is magnificent, but to tell you the truth, although I love his version the most of any that I've seen, I still think Derek Jacobi is the definitive Hamle (the character). Even Branagh, as good as he is, never made me sit with jaw dropped and go, "Oh, NOW I get it!"

I will definitely be counting on the good vibes from all my friends when I go to surgery. Bring me back home, guys.
Boo to the broken AC and the anesthesia, yay to the fixing pain and to Hamlet!