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whatever happens

April 2017

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strength - peter

I just watched Valkyrie, a good movie. I was completely absorbed throughout. Horribly sad, of course. But I learned something I didn't know - there were 15 known attempts to assassinate Hitler. None succeeded. What the heck is that supposed to mean?


What the heck is that supposed to mean?

That Hitler was very well guarded?

That his would-be assassins were incompetent?

That there was a severe lack of trust among the people who plotted the assassination attempts and someone, somewhere, always leaked information, hoping for their own gain?

I know this was most likely a rhetorical question, but it made me think. :}

And btw, I think the last one is probably the most likely, although all of them could have been factors.
I was scratching my head over why it seems so easy to assassinate American heads of state, but yes, looking at it from that side does add perspective. (No, it wasn't a rhetorical question - I was hoping someone would toss ideas at me.)

I sincerely doubt that his would-be assassins were incompetent. Certainly they weren't in the July 20 (Valkyrie) plot. But Hitler was certainly well guarded. On the other hand, so are our heads of state.

So I think, of those three, the third is the most likely. In a country where betrayal brought such rewards, including safety, leaks were probable. (That safety, of course, is illusory - if a government can kill an accused traitor without a public trial, then you aren't safe even if you prove you're on "their" side. In fact, they'll distrust you, assuming if you'd rat on your friends, you'd rat on anyone. But that's another movie.)

In the July 20 plot, there was also another element - Hitler had incredible luck. An entire series of random events saved his life. Which makes you wonder if Fate/God had a hand in it, refusing to allow Germany to withdraw from the war with dignity.

Sorry, didn't mean to maunder on so long! But I love a movie that makes me think.