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whatever happens

April 2017

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kh, sora, take flight

Pres Romanillos has died.

Many of you will not know him, but he is the animator/artist who created, among others, Little Creek from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron and Shan Yu from Mulan, the character who got me into the whole Animated Lust thing. He died yesterday after a long battle with leukemia.

As some of you know, he emailed me when he found himself on my Shan Yu site, and he was generous enough to draw a picture of Shan Yu and send it to me. It remains one of my most prized possessions. I didn't know him well, but from our brief correspondence, I can say that he was a good, kind, gentle, modest, and friendly man.

The world will miss him, and this has cracked my heart.


I had not known this before about you, and I don't think had heard before of him. It is a sad thing to lose a talented artist, a sadder one to lose a kind person.

Sometimes the loss of people who we don't know well affects us more that those we do, just because of who they are and what they represent to us. I understand the cracked heart. :(
That's very sad news. He was an amazingly talented artist and animator and after you told me about that Shan-Yu that he drew for you, I thought so much of him as a person.

Like M said, it's some comfort knowing that his work will be treasured for generations.
Oh no. I still remember how excited you were to get your Shan Yu pic from him, way back when. Such a shame.
*hugs* I'm sorry. :{
:( I recognized the name right away. Its sad that he has passed, but wonderful that you have such a great memory of him. Rest in Peace, Pres.
I am so depressed about this I could just curl up into a little ball and rock back and forth for a year.

I just found out today from another friend.

I have had these t shirts to send him for f***ing YEARS since he sent us those beautiful Shan Yu drawings. And I never did, mainly because he kept moving around and I never knew where to send them.

Oh, my heart has joined the Thousand this day.