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whatever happens

April 2017

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strength - peter

I saw my ortho surgeon today, and we've set up the date for my hip replacement. It's Oct. 8th, and believe me, I'll be asking all of you to send me good vibes! It's none too soon - my last two x-rays show a lot of deterioration. If you look here you can see that there is a short connection between the ball of the hip joint and the leg bone, and it sits at about a 30-degree angle. In 2006, when I had the first x-ray done, you could see the cartilage in the joint was gone, but the ball and that connection looked OK. Two years later, that connection had dropped until it was almost pointing down straight. And last November, the x-ray shows that the socket is pretty much gone. I'm a mess! So it's about time I did this.

I'm fine about the surgery and recovery and physical therapy. I just want to wake up from the anesthetic. That's all. I just want. to. wake. up. I know, irrational phobia. My surgeon's been doing hip and knee replacements for 33 years, and he says he's never lost a patient yet!


I'll keep you in my prayers as the date approaches.

Typically there's not much risk associated with anesthetics - the risk's always there, but generally speaking if it's for something like hip replacement, it's not near as risky as other surgeries.

From what little I know, anyhew.
You know I'll be thinking of you and sending you good vibes the whole time you're in surgery. *hugs* I'd tell you not to worry, but I know your irrational fear, so I won't. But I won't worry, so you know that's a good sign!
And he won't lose you, either!

When I shattered my elbow all those years ago, they overdosed me, I was just a kid, and I STILL woke up. Recovery took a little longer, but here I am no worse for the wear. And I know yours is going to go even smoother than that.

I promise to send you a 'Get Well' card and some snail mail whilst you're recovering!
aiieeee!!! Poor baby!
It's definitely scary to give up control as you do so completely with general anesthesia. But they are *really* good with it these days. Modern anesthetics are completely different from the time when you first had your irrational fear. So RELEASE the demons, I say!

We will all be sitting here on The Big Day, thinking good thoughts and rooting for all good things. You will be a new woman!
You. Will. Wake. Up.

Because Spike and the rest of the Bebop crew would want a word or two with that guy if they even thought you wouldn't, and they're probably on the way to throw the fear of god (or them) into him now.

So he won't dare let it go otherwise.

You. Will. Wake. Up.

And your hip will be better then, too.... ♥