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whatever happens

April 2017

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stitch with ducks

Generally my entertainment is of the mindless variety (e.g., Nora Roberts novels or Bruce Willis movies). However, once in a while I actually engage the brain while being entertained.

This week I've had a double dose of brain-engaging entertainment, on TV and in a book.

First, the TV. I've just finished watching (on DVD) the first and only season of a show called Invasion. It's an aliens-invade-Earth show, not my usual fare (I started watching it for a particular actor), so I wasn't expecting much. But WOW. The show turned out to be full of intriguing twists, the characters are good, and the acting is terrific. The whole thing has been keeping me completely absorbed for two weeks - I'd come home from work eager to see the next episode, spinning them out one at a time to prolong the pleasure. Because, you see, the downside of the show is that, as with Firefly, the station jacked with it, creating long random hiatuses and mixing up the episodes. (This was bad with Firefly, but disastrous for Invasion, in which each show leads into the next, either through continuing or newly-started arcs.) Naturally, it didn't get renewed, and the ending is an agonizing cliffhanger. I don't care. I loved it, I came to care about the characters, and dang if I'm not going to sit through the whole thing again. Beginning tonight.

Now the book. I've recently discovered a superb writer - not just someone who has good plots and/or characters and a so-so style, but a writer who performs wonderful prose. Her name is Tana French, and she writes mysteries of the police procedural style set in Dublin. Her stories are a bit farfetched, but her style is so damned good that, once I'm into them, I just want to enjoy them to the fullest, so I don't worry about it. The one I'm reading now is her newest, Faithful Place. I'm only about halfway through, but she hasn't faltered in quality, and I am so loving it.