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whatever happens

April 2017

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where's the rum

Well, once more I owe my friends an apology. I went for several days without turning on my computer at all. Literally. So I am now about to try to catch up with the news.

I did this because I had a writing frenzy - finished two stories in 6 days - and then was so burned out that I started playing Final Fantasy X, and... well, anyone who's played the game knows the rest. Even at work, instead of editing, I'm playing Texas Hold 'Em. Maybe this week I'll straighten out.

I have learned something. If you have to let horses out of the barn at night, in the dark, and to get to the barn you have to cross about 50 yards of ground that is covered with thick, high weeds and edged with big trees, then you really should not read books about man-eating suburbanized cougars.

I'm slowly losing weight, which is nice. Not fast enough to make a difference for my surgery, but any little bit helps, I'm told.

At work, as if my job wasn't stressful enough, the entire university has switched from GroupWise to Outlook for our mail/calendar/etc. stuff. Naturally, lots of glitches, and everyone expects me to have the answers - me, who had never even opened the program until Tuesday. *pulling hair*

Other than those things, my life has been pretty dull.


I think you're entitled to have a life outside of the internet.

Congrats on the finishing two stories in six days. I'm struggling with my current project.
As ciage said, you certainly are entitled to a life outside the internet. :}

Thank you SO much for mentioning the man-eating cougars - I'll be sure to remember that the next time I don't hear from you for any period of time. :P

One of the better aspects of my job is that we do have a wonderful IT department, so I don't have to fix Her Majesty's computer messes.